Pretend City

Last Thursday we packed up and headed to Pretend City in Irvine.  My mother in law came along with us and we met up with Jolene and her kiddos, and her mom.
We had a very fun day.  
The drive out was a bit icky as there was quite a bit of traffic, but once we got there it was worth it.
This place is SO cute.  It's a toddler sized city filled with all sorts of things they can pretend to do.
I didn't take along my DSLR, I didn't feel like messing with it.
I brought along my point and shoot, so these aren't' the greatest.

The boys were very excited to see each other
They did so much

They grocery shopped
 They got to be construction workers
 They could perform on a stage with costumes and music (Ethan was mesmerized by the flashing lights)
 He liked these lights too....
There were tons of little cars they could "drive",
like this cool BMW (don't mind my scary red eyes here)

They played at the beach

They played in the water
These two had a lot of fun in the water

They could paint or draw
Ethan loved the paint
This was his first experience with it

They could be farmers and pick apples and dig in the dirt. 

There were some baby chicks that Ethan adored.
He tried to feed them fake strawberries.

There were other things that we didn't even get to.
We stayed quite busy.
The babies enjoyed watching all the action.
 We were very glad that we had Grandma's along with us to help :)

After about two hours it was lunch time, and so we went outside for a little picnic.

Everyone was pooped so we headed home, and thankfully made great time.
What a fun day this was!
I definitely recommend this place if you have little ones.


Kelly said…
I've never heard of this place. That looks SO cute! I'll have to look it up. :)
Patty said…
Wow! That place looks like so much fun! I am definitely going to check it out. I know Jacob and Isaac would absolutely love it!
Jolene Grace said…
I want to go again, once the baby is a little bigger. Maybe we could take the hubs too. ;-) BTW, LOVE the pic of E feeding C! LOL

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