Six months already!

  •  Alayna is such a happy girl.  I love it.  Anytime you look at her she gives you a big grin or a giggle.  She is so much fun.  
  • She is very social.  She wants to be where the action is.  She is happiest when there is a lot going on around her. 
  • She can now hold her own bottle and feed herself.  This is exciting and sad all at the same time.  On one hand it is very convenient and nice that she can feed herself.  On the other hand it means she doesn't need me to feed her anymore.  I'm still pumping a few times a day, and then supplementing with formula the rest of the time.  I'm just glad to have made it this long giving her at least some breastmilk.  I almost gave up a few months ago.

  • She is BUSY.  If she's awake she is always moving or doing something.  She's totally with the program now.  She doesn't miss anything.  When she eats she even has to constantly kick her legs.  She's a go getter.  
  • The girl can move.  She rolls all over the place.  In fact she's been rolling both ways for the past month.  She can roll all around a room.  This past week she started to scoot a little and also get up on her knees and rock.  This makes me sad, I'm not ready for mobility!  Ethan didn't do this for two more months.  I'm not ready to baby-proof again and keep her away from all of Ethan's little choking hazard toys.
  Alayna LOVES her brother.  She is totally entertained by watching him.  I love it when he mimics me and talks to her like I do.  The other day I leaned over their stroller and said to her "Hi Pumpkin, what are you doing?" and Ethan totally said the same thing to he in the same tone of voice.  He'll walk up to her and talk to her like I do, and it makes me smile.  When he talks to her she gets the biggest grin and laughs.
Does she sleep through the night yet?  
There have been times where she does great and only wakes up once, and times where she wakes up a few times.  One thing I've noticed is that now that she takes a bottle before bed, she eats better and seems to be able to make it longer.  Lately she'll sleep about five or six hours, then wake up to eat, then sleep another few hours.  Usually it ends up being from about 7:00-6:30.  Now if we can just eliminate that night time feeding, life will be grand!  I keep saying we'll let her cry it out.... and then I don't do it. I guess I keep hoping she'll just sleep through the night on her own like Ethan did (only he did it at 9 weeks).  We tried letting her cry one night and after an hour of it (at 1:00 am) I just gave in and fed her.  Ahhhh, one of these days right?

She's also still not the greatest napper.  She does the whole 30 minute nap thing like Ethan did at this age.  Ethan did it from 3-6 months so I'm really hoping that Alayna is almost done with it as well.  Sometimes in the afternoon I can get her to take a longer nap.  She'll wake up after 30 min but then go right back to sleep (in her swing).  It's not as big of a deal as it was with Ethan because if I'm busy with him anyhow, it's not like I can rest.  It's when he's napping that I cross my fingers every day that she'll take a decent nap too.  Then I can actually get a break.

I can't believe Alayna is already six months old.  It seems like the time is flying by with her.  I seem to just appreciate her babyness so much more than I did with Ethan.  I really try to savor it because I know it is gone SO quickly.  I just adore this sweet little girl..... ahhhhhhh.

When I went to put a bow in Alayna's hair, Ethan had to get into the basket and put ALL of them in his hair again.  He got upset when I wouldn't let him take the one bow I had in Alayna's hair, hence the whiny face.

While I was trying to take pictures of her Ethan wanted to get into a few.  He was still in his jammies and had food on his face, but oh well.  These were the best two that I got :)


    Noreen said…
    Alayna is a doll! Can't believe she's already six months!
    Teresa DiMillo said…
    I can't believe that she is 6 months already!!! She is growing up so fast!
    Kelly said…
    It really does seem like yesterday you were still pregnant! I think Ethan could be a Gap model with that amazing colored hair and face. :)
    Tawny said…
    They look SO much alike! When I saw that picture of A laying down with the bottle I had to take a double look because it looked like E!
    She is getting SO big!
    pammyh said…
    My gosh, Jess, she is just adorable.
    Crystal said…
    Oh my. That whiny face pic of Ethan is SO frameable! I LOVE IT!!! And I really really like the one of the two of them, it so sweet and natural...frameable too ;).

    I smiled at the "hi pumpkin" story. I would've paid to be a fly on the wall at that moment (kids are SO cute!!!)
    Crystal said…
    Oh and Alayna's eyes are amazing.

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