Spring has sprung

We really enjoyed the gorgeous weather this past week.
We spent a lot of time outside.
We ate some popsicles.

Popsicles are yummy.  Ethan would eat a dozen of them if I let him.

We wore our new sandals.
Ethan loves his sandals.
That's all he's wanted to wear all week since we got them out of the closet.

We rode our bikes (well, Ethan rode his bike).
In order for us to ride our bikes, we need to get a bike trailer for the kiddos.  
Hopefully we'll get one soon.

Ethan learned how to pedal on his own for the very first time.
This was very exciting.
He was so proud of himself.
Mama was proud too :)

In addition to pedaling, he likes to push his bike sometimes.
It's fun too :)
Notice the Mickey Mouse phone in his hand.

When Matt got home from work we sat out front and played some more.
We soaked in the beauty around us.
Oh, and I can't forget Cookie!
She never makes it onto the blog anymore.
She's been loving the spring weather as well.

Spring makes me want to take lots of pictures.
This momtog is at it.....
be prepared for lots more photos, this was only the tip of the iceberg ;)
Have I mentioned that I love spring?


Carly said…
I love your photography and the way that you have been blogging everyday life in an interesting format recently. You really have a great eye, I always look forward to seeing your pictures.
Leslie said…
Rylan just did the same thing this week too.. pedaled that is.. I have some very very similar pictures I took a couple nights ago..

I wish I could capture the noise she makes when she pedals.. thats the weird part.

your such a fun fun mom!
Rhonda said…
I love Spring too.
And I love all the pictures!
Bring it on...

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