While Daddy mows....

Now that the weather is warm again our grass grows very quickly.
Monday is yard work day.
Matt comes home from work and we eat dinner.
Then we all head outside while he mows the lawn.
Ethan thinks this is great fun.
He runs around like a nut
... and gets mighty filthy.
Keep in mind that he started out pretty clean....

It's amazing how quickly he can go from clean to dirty.

Not only does he get dirty, he often gets scratched and bruised. 

He is definitely a boy.
I use a LOT of Spray N wash around here :)

What did the girls do while Matt mowed and Ethan burned off some energy?
This week we took pictures of all the beautiful spring flowers.
Like these apricot blossoms.....

And these pretty red flowers, which the hummingbirds LOVE...

These pretty pink blossoms are on some scraggly little trees we have growing by our shed.

My six month old assistant tried her best to grab my camera.

Which made things a tad diffiuclt.
But I managed to snap a few decent shots.
 We took pictures of the neighbor's lilac....

Oh do they ever smell divine

I don't know what these pretty yellow flowers are called.  We have two of these vines, and every spring they are gorgeous.


Rhonda said…
I just LOVE the beauty of spring. If only our trees looked like that for more than a month.
You have the best backyard! i am so jealous!!! you are so good at documenting all of this too :) cant wait to have a hyper boy on my hands!
Patty said…
It only takes Jacob SECONDS to go from clean to dirty outdoors. It amazes me!
Pretty flowers, Jess!
Amanda said…
Those yellow ones are called Carolina Jessamine (pronounced like Jasmine). I just learned that this weekend as I have them in my yard too (I live in Highland). I saw them at Lowes and showed them to my hubby. As I inquired out loud about them a man standing near answered my question before I could see the tag. Well, now I'm glad I know because I've always wondered :)Apparently they are abundant in the Mississippi valley this time of year...

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