8 1/2 months

My little girl is 8 1/2 months.  Last week I took a few pictures of her that I have to share (a few of them I posted on my photography blog).

She uses everything to pull herself up to standing these days (including my legs).  She's getting sturdier and sturdier.

Whenever she is outside she usually makes a mad dash to go eat some Lantana or chew on rocks or mulch.

Silly girl!

These were taken in the front yard.
I tried to get a shot of Ethan.... this is what I got :)


Crystal said…
The boys too busy to pose for a photo mom ;).
I love how happy Alayna is =).
Annette said…
HaHa! my word verification is "pupfun"--how did they know? I'm looking forward to getting him, and also wondering what on earth I got my self into...oh well. It's done now. :-)
Back to the post at hand...
The kids look so cute! And they are growing up soooo fast--how can you stand it?
The lantana reminded me of my girls. The berries are poisonous, you know, and one of the girls ate some. ( I am sorry to say that I can't remember if it was E or A. Horrid, I know)
Anyway, I called poison control and they told me to use ipecac syrup. Mean momma that I was, I made her stay outside so she'd hurl on the lawn and not on the carpet. (Now I think they don't want you to even use ipecac--what do you do when they eat something worse than yucky?)
It worked. (yuck) We were all fine, and I jerked out all the lantana plants. :-(
I just planted some again for the first time last year. Kinda had forgotten about them and realized -hey- I can grow those again! Yippee!

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