8 months and two days

My sweet little miss Alayna,
Eight months old.  wow.  That means you are 3/4 of the way to one year... so sad!  You are definitely a little girl on the go.  You've mastered crawling and you do it normal (no scooting or army crawling for you).  You can get wherever you want.  You love to pull yourself up to standing all over the place.  You're getting better at plopping back down to your bottom, but sometimes you fall down and hurt yourself.  You constantly stand up in your pack and play and peek over the side.  You think you're pretty funny.  Whenever I walk in I see your little head sticking up and you start giggling.

You always have a big grin on your face. Everyone always comments on how smiley you are.  I love it.  You got your first tooth, so now you have a big grin with a little snaggletooth :)  You have the cutest little giggle.  You love to scream and "talk".  I'm thinking you're going to be a vocal little one.

You're turning into a little blondie.  Your hair seems to just be getting lighter and lighter.  I don't think you'll be a tow head like your brother, but I see some golden locks in the not too distant future.

You like solid food now.  You'll eat just about anything I feed you (which is so so so nice compared to your picky brother).  You'll even eat plain veggies, something your brother never did.  We started giving you baby puffs and graham crackers and you just love to feed yourself.  When I need to make dinner and keep you contained I stick you in your highchair with snacks and you are a happy camper (for a while).

You adore dogs, especially Cookie.  You giggle and smile anytime you see her.  When we see other dogs you do the same thing.  It's really cute.  You love getting into your brother's toys... which he doesn't like.  If you can get your hands on his play tools or cars and stick them into your mouth, you're a happy camper.

Lately you only want mama at certain times.  No one else will do.  You scream and cry very dramatically and make people think that you are seriously in pain.  I have to tell them that you are in fact quite ok, but just practicing your drama skills.  As soon as mama picks you up, the tears dry up very quickly and you are all smiles.  

 You are pretty much done nursing.  You decided you are much too big for that now and will only take a bottle.  I decided since you are done I will be too, so no more pumping for me.  It's kind of sad for mama.  You do however feed yourself your bottle very well, which is kinda nice.  I can just hand your bottle and you're good to go.  Your brother never did that.  It's especially nice when we're in the car and you're hungry.

Oh how I love you sweet little girl of mine. 
You bring us so much joy.


Rhonda said…
love the "2 days".
She's getting so big. And she is so stinkin' cute. I love her sweet smile.
krista said…
Love this. She's such a doll. And she really is so happy!

Madyson says: Oh, that's baby Alayna. I love her. I give her kisses. Soo cute baby Alayna!
Julie said…
so cute! I love the little bit of flair that bow adds too.
Steven said…
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