Fun Filled Weekend

We had a fun and busy weekend....
  • Date night on Friday night for me and my hubby.  We went to Elephant Bar for dinner then went and bought a bike trailer (YAY!).  I had not ridden my bike in THREE years due to either being pregnant or having a baby too small to fit in a trailer.  We had saved some Christmas money for a trailer and we finally got one.  Date nights are great.  We need them.  Especially with two kids.  I'm glad we have an awesome babysitter (Danielle) who does great with our kiddos.
  • Saturday was a fun filled day.  Ethan pulled out his kiddy pool and swam all morning.  Alayna even joined in the fun for a bit (until she got cold).

 And of course when you swim you have to eat popsicles...

  • Then we got to go to Kendall's first birthday party.  She is the daughter of my friend Kelly.  You can see some cute pictures of Kendall eating her cake on my photography blog.  We had fun chatting and hanging out for a few hours. At the party Matt was introduced to the game of Cornhole and plans on building his own little setup.
  • After Kendall's party we came home so the kids could nap.  Ethan decided he was much too excited for the next party we would be going to, and just played in his bed.  No nap for him.  So we loaded up and headed to Sammy's third birthday party.  She is the daughter of my friend Tawny.  This was a princess party, and it was over the top CUTE.  Tawny is amazing.  Can I just tell you how much Ethan LOVED all the princess stuff.  It was hilarious.  He loved all the glitz and glam, and I think he might even have liked it more than some of the girls.  He kept saying "I have lots of bling", lol.  When you're two, sparkly things are just FUN.  We had a blast at the party and loaded up our VERY tired kids at 6:00. As soon as we drove away they both crashed.  When we got home Ethan insisted on going to bed with his rings, so I let him.  He woke up in the middle of the night and was all upset because he couldn't find his rings, so no more sleeping with them :)

  •  Sunday was interesting.  Ethan was in pain and on DAY FIVE of not pooping.  I had been trying to feed him lots of fruit and fiber and get him to drink a lot, but still nothing.  He was in pain so I gave him a liquid glycerin suppository (sorry if that's too much detail for you all).  Anyhow, this resulted in a painful morning filled with crying and no church, but finally a few dirty diapers.  He was wiped out after that and actually fell asleep on Matt on the couch at 9 am.  He hasn't fallen asleep like that on someone since he was a baby.  I was just so glad to have him feeling better.
  • We spent a nice lazy morning at home together.  Matt got our bikes cleaned up and hooked the trailer up.  Ethan splashed around in his pool some more.  Alayna took two fabulous naps.  Ethan didn't nap at the rest of the day.  We went on a fun family bike ride in the evening..... and oh did it ever feel good to get back on my bike.  Matt and I used to ride our bikes ALL THE time before we had kids.  We were in great shape and rode many many miles.  It's so much fun to be able to ride them again.  The kids LOVED riding in the trailer.
  • The kids were both in bed and asleep by 6:30 and Matt and I enjoyed a nice dinner on our patio.  It was another date for us (at home).  yay!
  • Alayna got her second bottom tooth last week.  The days leading up to it breaking through the gum she slept HORRIBLE.  She hardly napped and didn't sleep great at night.  After it broke through she has been sleeping so much better, which I am very happy about.  She seems to be bothered when she's getting a tooth.  My kids have not been easy teethers.
  • On a random side note can I just tell you how tired I am of my two year old trying to take EVERYTHING away from the baby.   It doesn't matter what it is, if she's enjoying it, he HAS to have it. Anybody have suggestions on how to deal with this?  I haven't found anything that works yet.
I love weekends where we get to spend some nice time together and have fun.  Hope yours was a nice one!


Charlee said…
Breven used to get backed up all the time! I can tell you that yogurt does help and if you can cut back just a little on dairy it will help so much. The probiotics in any yogurt will help Breven still eats that way to help! Also if its that bad enemas help as well. If its a constant issue they may suggest a gentil laxitive every few days which worked as well. Poor Ethan I remember those days with Breven and they are so no fun!!!
Christy said…
glad you had fun this weekend. We LOVE to ride as well. Good for you guys for getting out together as well. :)
Kelly said…
So glad you got the bike trailer!!! That's great they can both ride together. Poor Ethan and his poop. Must be so hard to see him so uncomfortable. :(
Anonymous said…
Yahoo discussion group
Tawny said…
love that boy's bling!!! I am SO glad he (and you guys) had a good time and were able to make it. YOu had a busy day that Saturday!
I love that he had to sleep with it all. THough you're not, such a cute story!!!
I have LOTS of leftover rings if you need more ;)
Oh and that table is SO cool! Joe is totally going to make one!
Staci Danford said…
Such cute pictures.. I absolutely love to see parents enjoying the "little" moments with their kids.. because I can sure tell you from experience... those are what matter most in the end.
Eileen said…
Once again, great images! Glad you were able to get that bike trailer... that will give you lots of family fun!

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