More flowers at the Hekman casa

I never realized how many flowers we have around our house until I started photographing them this year.
In fact since I've started taking more pictures, I really look at things differently.
I notice details I didn't take time to look at before.
I notice colors and lighting.
I guess I just notice more.

I love that we have different flowers that bloom at different times.
Flowers make me smile.
They remind me of God's beauty.
Here's what's blooming right now:

Torch Lillies (and I didn't even touch this photo up at all, this is really the color of them)

Calla Lillies (they've been blooming for a while)


Purple flowers (not sure of the name).... so vibrant and pretty when the sun is shining (they close at night)

We call these Freeway Daisies, because you always see them on the side of the freeway, lol.  They make a great groundcover.


Daylillies (we'll have LOTS of those soon).

And I can't forget the cute baby and handsome man that were watching me take pictures....


Mom H. said…
Love your photography, am I biased, yes!!
Kelly said…
Love the calla lilies!

I am waiting for the hydrangeas to bloom. Can't wait for those!

While I am not a big fan of flowers as gifts (they die!) I LOVE having flowers all around to look at.
Tawny said…
It is so springy around tu casa! I love all the varieties you have! Beautiful pictures!
Rhonda said…
Those torch lilies are soooo cool!
It's all so beautiful.
SSchenkel said…
I love all your pictures, of course! I'm terrible at knowing names of flowers, but I think the purple flowers are ice plant. The only reason why I know is because we just put some in our backyard for ground cover.

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