Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day.
We went to church in the morning.
Came home and ate lunch and had naps (I even got to rest, yippee).
Then we headed over to my in-laws for some carne asada.
My mom and brother joined us too.
How cool is it that we could celebrate with both of our mamas??

I made these fun and special treats for my mom and mother in law.
They are delicious (something from Bakerella).
I might have stashed a few for myself in the freezer :)

Of course I took lots of pictures at my in laws house.
The lighting was great and I kept snapping away.
Me and the reasons I get to celebrate Mother's Day....

Me with my lovely mama and my girl.... three generations...

Matt and his mama

Boy do I love this man....
He was very sweet to me on my special day despite the killer headache he had.
Papa and Alayna.... so sweet

The kids had a blast playing outside, even though it was a bit chilly.
That didn't seem to bother them at all.
They had so much fun playing with this little car that Sid and Marlene got at the Holland festival.

Alayna even tried to get in on the action.

Ethan had fun walking around with Grammy and smelling all the pretty flowers.
You have to take time to smell the flowers :)

I had fun taking pictures of my niece and nephews....
I know I'm partial, but boy are they are some cute kids.
All in all it was a great Mother's day.
I felt so very blessed by my amazing family :)


Eileen said…
Looked like an awesome day. I just LOVE your images... so clear and beautiful, lighting is perfect. Your mom looks AWESOME! I miss her.
Kelly U. said…
Oh Bakerella, between her and PW, I am never going to lose any weight!

The lighting was great! Beautiful pictures!!
Kelly said…
I must say your truffles look far more professional than mine! Glad you had such a fun time. :)

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