She can smell the freedom

Having a back door with windows,
allows one to look out at the beauty beyond.

One can dream of the freedom
that lies just beyond the smudged up and very dirty glass.

One can drool 
over the countless leaves, mulch, dirt, rocks, and flowers 
that can be eaten out there.

It looks like so much fun....

If only mom or big brother would open the door for her...
Then she could escape.

I guess in the meantime looking out is enough.

And check this out..... 
same door....
two babies


Rhonda said…
I'm sure there's a Spiritual lesson in this post!!!
I love that last picture. How awesome to have pictures like that of them to compare.
Crystal said…
I LOVE that you snapped the same shot of both of them! SO cute! And both in stripes ;).

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