Sunday random fun

  •  Alayna hasn't done well in nurseries for the past month.  Most weeks we get paged to come and get her at church.  Last week she made it all the way through the service.  This week she made it five minutes.  I spent the rest of church trying to keep her happy in the cry room.  I didn't hear any of the sermon.  I was a little frustrated... but it's kinda hard to stay that way when she's so cute....

I mean not every 8 month old would laugh when you plopped them into the middle of a huge flower pot :)
  • I love sugar snap peas.  I buy a big bag of them from Costco and eat some with my lunch every day.
  • I guees while I'm on the subject of Costco I'll mention that I bought the most delicious berries there on Friday.  I got strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and we've been enjoying them.  I made blueberry pancakes yesterday morning.  Matt makes fun of me because I always put whip cream on my blueberries pancakes.  It's a must for me.  Does anyone else do this, or is it really odd?
  • I did three photo shoots in 24 hours... lots of work, but lots of fun.  Can't wait to post some of the pics on my photography blog.
  • Ethan had a blast spending the night with my mom.  He even got to sleep in her bed with her.  He loves it because she gives him her undivided attention over there.  I'm so glad he can have such great relationships with his grandparents.  It was kinda nice to just have one kid for the night and next morning.  It's funny how easy it feels to just have one :)
  • A few months ago I bought one of these wave irons after admiring my friend Kelly's hair.  It's fun to "crimp" my hair and make it wavy sometimes.

  • Speaking of Kelly, I picked up some of this delicious dip from costco after trying it at her house a few weeks ago.  Apparently she bought it by accident, but I love it.  It's a little too addicting.  I could eat a ton of it.

  • Ethan has been unbelievably frustrating and difficult lately.  I knew that the good phase we were having with him would come to an end at some point.  He is definitely in the midst of what I would consider his "terrible two's".  I won't go into details, but let's just say some days I sigh a very huge sigh of relief when he goes to bed. I just keep reminding myself that this is just a phase, and he will move onto to another one at some point.
  • I think that's enough random thoughts for now.  Enjoy your holiday tomorrow!  Thank you to all the amazing men and women who have served in the military and sacrificed so much.


Rhonda said…
That artichoke and jalapeno dip is my favorite. My favorite way to have it is heated with some pita chips - YUM!
Kelly said…
I've only seen you crimp your hair once and loved it! Glad you liked the dip. I wouldn't even brave a bite for fear I would chomp on a jalapeno!
Patty said…
I saw the pics on your photo blog and thought Kelly's hair was really cute and wondered how she got it that way. Now I know!
Love that first pic of Alayna. So cute!
Charlee said…
Remember 2 is a phase nad if it dosn't go away there are discipline stratagies that work on older kids that work as well. Trust me I know it gets hard and I used to almost cry some days and when he went to bed I felt guilty for not missing him. Its hard to be a momma
Genn said…
Hi Jessica,

Your pictures are looking so good. Did you get a new lens or are you doing something different? They just look great. I saw that you rented the 17-55 2.8 lens. I bet that one is fun for your photo shoots with groups.

I am glad to know that I am not the only one who sighs a BIG sigh of relief once my kids are in bed too. Mine have both been difficult recently. Sigh...
Terecita said…
Alayna is just TOO cute!! I love her smile. You always take such great pictures!

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