Two and a half

Dear Ethan,
You are officially two and a half. 
You are my tow headed, blue eyed little buddy.

You love letters.  Your Grandma Walters recently got you magnetic letters and a cookie sheet, and you love to play with them and have us tell you words that start with different letters.  Your favorites are D for dada,  M for mama,  E for Ethan (and the funny thing is you will often tell us "E is for me"),  A for Alayna, G for grandma, and P for papa.  When we go out and about you love to point out the letters you see.  The funny thing is you don't just say "there's a p", you say "I see a P for papa!".  It's pretty cute.
You are my sweet little snuggler.  You are so affectionate and loving (just like your Daddy).  You always want to cuddle and snuggle with us, and I love it.  Sometimes when I'm trying to get things done around the house, I'm a little short with you when you just want me to sit and snuggle.  Then I have to remind myself about what's important, and you son are on the top of that list.  You love nothing more than to lay on the couch and snuggle with us while you watch cartoons.  When you wake up after your afternoon nap I let you watch one episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  You always want me to lay with you and snuggle, and as long as your sister lets me, I do.  I love it.  I nuzzle up to your neck, you wrap your arms around me, you share one of your teddies with me and we snuggle.  You tell me you love me, and I tell you how much I love you.  I give you lots of kisses.  I stroke your hair. It's a special time.

You are very athletic.  You recently learned how to ride your trike really well.  You can race around on that thing like a little mad man.  It kinda makes me nervous for what is to come.  You love to kick the soccer ball all around the yard, and you've recently learned how to play baseball with a little wiffle ball and bat we got you.  You pick up new things so very quickly.

We've come to realize that you are very shy.  If we go to a new place full of people you don't know, you are very overwhelmed and clingy.  You want nothing to do with what is going on and instead you cry and repeat "mama hold you, mama hold you".   After about two hours you warm up, but then it's usually time to go. If someone new comes over you hide in our legs or just want to be held.  If we go somewhere that you are familiar with, like your grandma's house... you are very excited and you play very happily.

You can be quite mischievous.  I suppose that is typical for a two year old.  You know the things you're not supposed to get into, and when you are left alone in a room sometimes your sinful nature just gets the best of you... and you oh so quietly get into something naughty (like batteries, chocolate, or mom's makeup).  The funny thing is that you will come tell on yourself.  You'll come up to me and say something like "What's Ethan doing?" with a mischievous grin on your face. 

You are a mimic.  We definitely have to watch what you say around us as you pick up EVERYTHING.  We make sure not to mention candy, ice cream, or fun things that you will pick up on and want to do if you hear us talking about.  You mimic everything you hear lately.  My favorite is when you talk to Alayna like we talk to her.  This morning you were watching Mickey Mouse and Alayna crawled by.  You leaned over and said "Hi there Alayna.  How cute.  How cute", in the same sugary sweet voice that I use.  It made me smile big time.

You can be quite difficult to take along on errands at times.  If you're not whining to get out of the shopping cart or stroller so that you can "walk like a big boy" you are begging for a sucker or trying to grab things off the shelves.  It's amazing how an hour in a store can feel like three when you are with me ;)

A recent obsession of yours is chapstick.  You will use it non stop.  Honestly I think you can use about half of a tube in a day.  You walk around and constantly coat your lips with it.  A few times you have snuck into my purse (when you know you are not allowed) and stolen my chapstick.  You little stinker.

You love to pretend, and I love to see your imagination at work.  You can sit and play and have full conversations with yourself as you pretend different things. You like to have "coffee" parties, you like to feed your little animals food and water, you are really really funny to watch.  Your dad and I just look at each other and chuckle constantly.
You can officially undress yourself.  You are a free spirit and you love to be naked.  I will send you outside fully clothed, and then you will decide you'd rather be naked, so the next time I look out... you are..... totally naked.  I suppose this will help with potty training :)  We have tried potty training just a little a couple of times, but not offically.  You like to go pee in the potty, but not poop.  I've tried letting you run around naked, but unfortunately you think it's funny to pee in things and on things (outside), so that hasn't worked out so well.  I'm sure we'll get there one of these days when you are ready.

Your enjoyment for life makes me enjoy all of the little things all over again.  Life seen through the eyes of a two year old is just plain fun.  Airplanes in the sky, birds in the air, firetrucks with their flashing lights, pretty flowers, interesting people, running errands, going on walks, running around, playing outside, the park, colors, letters, toys.... those things are FUN when experienced with you my little love.

As always, it was impossible to get a picture of you looking at the camera and smiling... hard as I tried.  You little stinker.

I sure do love watching you grow and being your mama :)


Rhonda said…
Flies by, doesn't it!

Love all the pictures!
Kelly U. said…
What a treat it has been to watch him grow. 2.5 already doesn't seem possible. I too catch myself just wanting to get one more task done while someone is cliggy and I realize what is more important. Being a mommy. (Especially as the ants attack the kitty food!)
Noreen said…
I love that he snuggles with you at 2 and a half! He's still your baby! He is just so adorable!

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