wow, what a week!

Hello everyone! An entire week has passed without a post from me.
I'm alive and well :)
I haven't blogged all week because I was a single mama and VERY busy.  Matt was in Texas ALL week for work.  My mom and brother were also out of town (on a Caribbean cruise... those lucky guys).  I kept very busy because I feel like time goes so much faster if I keep busy when Matt is gone. 

I have so much to share, so here goes....

I took the kids to Disneyland one day all by myself.  This was my first time doing it alone.  We met up with Jolene and Danny and their kids there, so we weren't at the park alone.  It actually ended up being fun, and I was proud of myself.  I got the kids Mickey ears and they both looked so cute wearing them.

We didn't even go on any rides this time, and that was fine with me.  Ethan's favorite part is meeting the characters and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show anyhow.  He was over the moon to meet Pluto and Mickey during this visit.  He is just so cute when he meets them.  He really thinks it's them.


We did have a little bit of adult fun.  California Adventure was having a food and beverage festival and they had several gardens with wine tasting and beer tasting.  Jolene and I did one of the wine tasting gardens.  It was nice to enjoy a glass of wine before the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show ;)

The drive there and the drive back went well... yay.  We got home with no traffic.  My mother in law came over and watched the kids so that I could still have dinner with my friends that evening.  They were both asleep before 7:00.... tired kiddos after a long day.

Another day this week I packed the kids up first thing in the morning and headed out to visit my friend Kelly from collage.  It was a 90 minute drive (with no traffic) and Alayna decided to scream for most of it (instead of nap like I had hoped).  
I was quite frazzled when we arrived. 
90 minutes of screaming is a lot for me.

This is my friend Shelly and her girls (who are close in age to my kids).  Shelly was also in my wedding.
Jolene smooching her littlest boy

Thankfully we enjoyed a nice visit and had fun catching up with Kelly and her girls, Shelly and her girls (another friend from college) and Jolene and her boys.  The kids played very well together, although I think the big boys scared the girls a little bit, lol.  Boys can be quite crazy!

We enjoyed some snacks and chased after our kiddos.  They all decided they wanted to swim, so the boys splashed in the pool while the girls stood off at a safe distance.  They weren't so big on getting splashed, where as Christian and Ethan enjoyed it quite a bit.

It's crazy that just a few years ago we were all friends with no kiddos.  Now when we get together there are four adults and eight kids!  Although our visits are quite different, we all feel incredibly blessed :)  We tried to get a picture of me and Jolene and Kelly and our kids and these were the best I got...

We packed up and headed home at 1:00... since Alayna had been up since 6:30 with NO nap and was beginning to loose it.  We got in the car and both kids fell asleep, however after 30 minutes Alayna woke up and decided to scream again.  She woke Ethan up and screamed for the rest of the way home (60 minutes).  I rolled down the windows, turned my music up VERY loud and tried to block her out, but I was pretty tired and frazzled by the time we got home.

Once we got home Ethan was BEYOND naughty and Alayna was just a crabby mess.  I may have broken down and a had a little cry... and wished that my hubby was home :)
I had both the kids in the bath at 5:00.  
They were in their jammies by 5:30. 
I loaded them up in the car and drove two blocks to a nearby sushi restaurant and got myself some dinner to go.  I came home, put both kids to bed at 6:00, cracked open a bottle of wine, and enjoyed some very blessed silence outside.  I finished up the evening by staying up way too late watching the very exciting Grey's season finale.
To finish off our week we went to the Long Beach Aquarium with Faith Oates and her kids on Friday.  They just traded in their Expedition for a 12 passenger van, so we all fit quite comfortably in the same car.  Ethan thought it was so much fun to ride with the Oates kids, and it was nice that Alayna was also entertained by them.
It was great having Hoper and Gracie there to help me out.  They both wanted to push the stroller for me, which I didn't mind at all :)

We had fun at the aquarium and saw lots of cool creatures.
We got to go into the Laurakeet enclosure, pet sting rays, play outside, and see lots of different animals and fish.  It was too dark to get pictures of most of them, but I did manage to get a few cool shots.
One of the hugs sharks swam right up to us and I got a cool shot of him.  I also got a picture of a largemouth bass, some tiny little eels that popped out of the sand, two different starfish,  and a pretty blue tropical fish.

Here are all the kiddos inside....

After about 90 minutes of exploring and chasing after the little boys we were ready for lunch.  We found a nice spot outside, ate our lunches and let the kids run around for a bit before we headed home.  I attempted to get another picture of all the kids... it wasn't gonna happen :)

The shot of Hope and Ethan hugging and looking out over Long Beach is so stinkin' cute.  It's like a wedding shot :) The pictures of Hope holding Alayna are pretty cute too :) That's Grady in the one on the right.  Him and Ethan are only 7 months apart.

We got home a little bit after Matt did and boy was I glad to see him.
We sure did miss him all week.
You women who have husbands who travel a lot, or work for days on end... I have respect for you... it's not so easy doing everything by yourself.

Since Ethan didn't get a nap and Alayna had only had two thirty minute naps we had both the kids in bed before 6:30 (Alayna at 5:45).  They were pooped.  That left a nice long evening for Matt and I to relax, and we were grateful after spending the week apart.

So there you have it, my busy single-mama week :)


Kelly said…
I love Ethan's face looking at the characters standing next to him. :) Yes, 90 minutes is such a long time to endure screaming! Wouldn't it be nice if we could push a button and have a sound proof shield slide up between us and the backseat? Glad you had a relaxing sushi night afterward. :)
Genn said…
Wow, what a busy busy week. Looks like you were able to fill it up with some fun outings though.

I know what you mean about being frazzled after Alayna cried your whole drive to your friends and cried coming home. You poor thing. It is SO exhausting dealing with that. I've had a lot of it lately as Claire is getting 4 big teeth right now.

Glad your hubby is home safe and sound. :)
I could NEVER have a husband who traveled all the time, just like you mention. Those mothers are pure Angels! ( not like we arent :) ) I am glad you made it, you are amazing! I would probably have stayed inside all week, but what a great idea to keep busy! And to even take kiddos out without naps! That will be my goal to be able to do soon! I just need to get over it! Good job Jessica!
Crystal Keilers said…
I love seeing Alayna in my onesie =)!!!
Christy said…
Oh man I feel your pain girl. I was alone for many days on end the last two weeks and as you read on my blog this time around God was teaching me something at the same time and I lost it. It IS hard having a hubby who is gone all the time but we'll just say that leaves me with lots of "self reflection" time. ;) He,hee! You got some great shots and sounds like you deal with screaming like me. Windows down, radio up! :)

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