Highlights, lowlights and videos

 Highlights from the week (in no particular order):

*Finding a couple of cute pairs of shoes at Ross for cheap.

*Cleaning my house while it is staged is super easy... mostly because it's pretty much clutter free :)

*Last weekend Matt and I enjoyed THREE date nights together.  Friday night  Ethan spent the night at my mom's and we made this pizza... seriously it was to-die-for good (I'm making it again tonight).  We then enjoyed dinner on the patio together.  Saturday we put the kids to bed and got sushi to go, and enjoyed it together on the patio.  Then Sunday Matt's parents babysat in the evening while were treated to a fabulous dinner at The Farm in Redlands (one of our very favorite restaurants) by someone Matt works with (Matt is one of his clients).  We seriously at GOOD this weekend.

*Getting together with my girlfriends from the credential program at UCR.  I don't get to see them often, but when I do it sure is fun.  We all got our teaching credentials together about six years ago (wow!).  We've multiplied since then... only two children are missing from the picture. 

From left to right is Noreen and her daughter Madyson (and a baby in her belly too),  Ethan who jumped in between Noreen and Amy, Amy holding her daughter Taylor, Me and miss Alayna, Tawny holding Travis (her other daughter Sammy was at pre-school), and Kristin holding her son Leroy.  Kristin's 11 year old daughter Angela was taking our picture for us.

*Alayna has been super fun lately.  She is just all smiles and giggles, all the time.  I LOVE it. 
*Alayna has decided she's mostly done with baby food and won't hardly eat it anymore.  This is actually kind of nice.  It's so much easier when you can just give them finger foods.  She got ahold of a PB&J sandwhich this week and loved it.  I guess she's not allergic since she seemed fine :) 

*Did a photoshoot today of a very cute three month old Taelyn.  I'll be posting pictures on my photography blog as soon as I can :)

Lowlights from the week:

*A very constipated Ethan.  I went out and bought him some MiriLax and the next day he finally pooped.  The poor kid hadn't pooped in five days.  He was miserable.  He's been purposely holding it in since we've been potty training him.  He does great in the pee department, but has yet to really have a full #2 movement on the potty.  *SIGH*.   The next two days he pooped his pants.  Today I'm letting him run around naked in the hopes that he will go in the potty.  We'll see.  Thank goodness for MiriLax, it seems to be helping.

*On Tuesday night I didn't fall asleep until nearly 1:00 am.  Shortly after that Ethan woke up and was up for FOUR hours.  He would not go to sleep in his bed.  We think his tummy hurt.  I finally got him to sleep at almost 3:30 in bed with us (his first time ever sleeping with us).  We then slept from 3:30-5:30 (when Alayna woke up bright eyed and ready to go).  It was a rough night and Matt and I were exhausted the following day.  Thankfully the night after that we went to bed early and got a full 8 hours of sleep.  It's amazing what sleep will do for you!!!

*Alayna waking up at 5:30 no matter what time we put her to bed.  Since she'll wake up early anyhow, we put her to bed at 6:30.  The days she does sleep past 5:30 Ethan wakes up at 5:30.  I guess that's just wake up time right now.  I'm really hoping that doesn't last for long.

I haven't posted any videos in a while, so here is a short little "remix" of some clips of Alayna:

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

Lastly, here is a video of the kids playing in Ethan's room.

June 2010- Ethan and Alayna playing from Jessica Hekman on Vimeo.


Kelly said…
I LOVE the pic of Alayna in her tutu! Hooray for 3 date nights! Yes, that pizza is AMAZING!! We have used ham, instead. It's just as tasty and prosciutto is so expensive.
Charlee said…
Miralax is a great product and gentle for kids Breven needed it often when he was about that age eventually they get the potty thing down and then you can control it with diet. When I potty trained though it was summer so I loaded him with fiber and fruit so he couldn't hold it in too long
Genn said…
3 date nights! That's fun. Glad Ethan's tummy is a little better. That is the hard part of potty training! Or at least it was for us.

Hey I have a photo Q for you...
I was wondering if you are shooting in JPEG or RAW?
SSchenkel said…
Haha! I am laughing at the video only because Aliyah does the same thing with Liv. Totally possessive of EVERYTHING!

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