It's been 8 years...

It's been 8 years....

since I've seen your face
heard your voice
laughed with you
hugged you
gotten teased by you
pansed you and annoyed you
watched your face light up in that contageous smile
heard you give one of your belly laughs
ate breakfast with you in the morning
watched you garden
watched how you loved my mom
watched you live by example

I miss you daddy.
We'll be remembering you today, as we do everyday.
I'm glad you get to be with the Lord having the best time ever,
but I selfishly wish you were still here with us.


Nikki said…
Will be praying for you today!!!!
Genn said…
You will be in my thoughts today too Jessica. This must be a really hard day for you and your family. I'm so sorry.
krista said…
This makes my heart hurt for you. I'm sorry, Jess. Praying for you and thinking about you as you remember your dad is a special way today. I know he's looking down on you with a big smile on his face.
Kelly said…
Such a sweet post.
Tawny said…
Thinking of you and your family :) You have some fantastic memories to reminisce about :)
Christy said…
I've been thinking about you as this day approaches. Love you friend. :)

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