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Recent finds

I've been inspired lately by this lovely lady I met through blogging.  She decorated her house with the loveliest things... all found by thrifting and yardsaling and then fixing them up and making them her own.  When I went and visited her for the first time a few weeks ago she put the thrifting bug in me bad.

When I saw that there was a fun estate sale in Yucaipa I stopped in for a peek.  This sale was unlike anything I've ever seen.  It was an old antique/thrift store that had opened in the 50's and been closed up for the last twenty years.  It was FILLED to the brim with stuff... most of it very dirty.  It was what is called a "digger" sale.  You bring gloves and a box, you dig through the stuff, and you find out how much they want for it.

I wasn't looking for anything particular... just "pretty" things that caught my eye.  I went two weekends in a row and scored all of this great stuff for $32.00 total.

The blanket it's all sitting on was a…

We're here....

We're here... plugging along.
I feel like I've been going a million miles a minute lately.
We've been busy with life, and we've been having lots of fun too.

I've neglected my blog, mostly because everytime I'm at the computer lately I'm working on pictures for clients, which is a huge blessing... and I'm loving it.  I've had a lot of business lately and I've been having a blast with it.

Things are a little up in the air with our house right now.  I'm not going to go into it here yet, but we're trusting the Lord and waiting on some things right now.  We'll see what happens :)  I'll keep you posted when I know more details.

I scored a major deal when I popped into the Osh Kosh store the other day... Four brand new shirts for a total of $6.00.... score.

Our little apricot tree was loaded with delicious fruit this year.  Matt and I made a batch of apricot pineapple jam that is just divine.  I had intended on doing a lot more, but I…


Everyone waters in the nude.... right?

I turned my back for a few seconds... and Alayna got watered too.
She thought it was funny.

rollin' along

We've been super busy lately....

-Paperwork, appraisals, inspections, etc.... all of the stuff that has to happen when you sell a house.  Praying that everything works out for the person buying our home and that it all goes off without a hitch.

-Lots of searching for our next home.... and finding one we love.... and making an offer on it this week.  We'll see what happens.  It needs some updating and sprucing up of dead landscaping, but we love the location and layout of the house.  We're dreaming and hoping... but it sure does make me feel good to know the Lord is in control.

-Photoshoots for me (which is awesome).  I sure am having fun with this little business, and am super excited to see it growing so quickly.

-Play dates with friends.  I got to meet this lovely lady last week.  I've followed her blog for a couple of years.  It was so fun to meet her and her beautiful children in person last week.  I felt like we've been friends for a long time.  She also serio…

Anniversary Fun

Matt and I had a fantastic anniversary this year.  On Monday my mom came and babysat the kids and we went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Farm.  The meal did not disappoint.  We were gluttons.  My favorite item of the night was the heirloom tomato salad, it was to die for... oh my.  They even gave us free champagne because it was our anniversary.

Here are two pictures of us before we left:

After dinner we wandered around downtown Redlands for a bit.  We noticed there was live jazz music coming from somewhere so we found it.  It was awesome... there was a jazz band playing a little show in an ally.  So fun, and so very "us".  We both love jazz music.  We watched the little show until the end and then headed home.  It was such a fun night.  Here is a pic from my phone:

The next day (our actual anniversary)  Matt's mom took both of our kids for the entire day so that we could go to the beach.  We went to our favorite spot at Newport.

It was HEAVENLY.  The weat…

Alayna's 10 months

My little girl turned 10 months the other day.  Seriously, time is flying by right now.  I just can't believe she'll be turning 1 in only two months! AHHHHH!

She's super close to walking.  I keep thinking I'm going to look over one day and see her take off.  She loves to push anything and everything around.  She even tries to climb onto her brother's trike!  Seriously, she is into way more than Ethan ever was at this age.  She can even crawl up his slide.  We have to watch her at all times!  We call her turbo because she's super fast.  It's funny, someone else in this house used to be called turbo.... I guess she's taking after her mama, lol.

We just love her happy spirit.  We say she really does take after her middle name: Joy.  This girl is full of laughs and giggles and smiles.  She pretty much melts our hearts.

She's a terriffic sleeper.  She sleeps about 11-12 hours at night and takes two naps during the day.  You can put her down anywhere with…

8 years of Wedded Bliss

Instead of an anniversary card, I made a video for my sweet husband.

8 year anniversary video from Jessica Hekman on Vimeo.

Happy 8 year anniversary honey!
I love you more today than I ever have <3

Here we go....

As of today our house is in escrow!!!

We got a full price offer within a month.
Totally a God thing... because we were definitely not expecting that.
If all goes well the buyer wants to close escrow before August 24th.
Now the hunt is on for our next home.
I have a feeling it will be a long hunt, and I'm okay with that.
I would rather be patient and get the perfect home for us, then settle on something we don't love.

We'll be packing our stuff up... putting it into storage... and moving in with my mom in the meantime.

We'll see what happens now in the next few weeks :)

Fresh Apricots

I got a new lens this week.... one I've been ogling over for quite some time.  My sweet hubby surprised me and gave me the little surprise bonus he received for a project he recently completed, so that I could buy the lens.  Is that sweet or what?  He's a sweet hubby.  I was very surprised and super excited.  I received the lens in the mail yesterday (it's this one for those of you who are curious).

I only got to try it out for a few minutes yesterday, but I'm already in love. 
It rocks.

We went outside and ate some fresh apricots off of our tree and I snapped some pictures of Ethan. 

This lens produces nice crisp images, and it's a 1.4.... fun fun... it creates the most yummy bokeh (sorry, photography term).  I look forward to using it on my upcoming photo shoots. 
Here are a few more

If you haven't checked out my photography blog lately... give it a peek.  I totally redesigned it and I think it looks way better.  I've had a lot of recent shoots too.  I am…

Fun with a balloon

Who knew a free balloon from Staters could provide so much entertainment?

More from the 4th

Matt was out of town for work AGAIN last week.  I was so very happy to have him home for a nice long weekend.  We spent a lot of the weekend just relaxing at home and hanging out together... and of course eating lots of good food.

Matt got his father's day present hung up....

He loved being able to BBQ while watched the race :)  We bbq'd quite a bit this weekend.
In fact we ate a little too good this weekend :)
Alayna tried to help him BBQ. 
Those are the only 2 pictures I have from the 4th.  We didn't do anything exciting.... we  went to church, came home and bbqd some yummy burgers, napped, relaxed, went for a walk, made some pizza for dinner, put the kids to bed, and enjoyed some time in the backyard.  We could see the Yucaipa fireworks show from the end of our street.  It was a really relaxing day.

On Monday we went over to Matt's parents house and did some swimming, more BBQing (yummy fillet minion), and more relaxing.  My mom came over and joined us as did Heather…