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Two Little Monkies

Two little monkies...
jumping in the bed
Thankfully no one fell off and broke their head :)
But there were lots of giggles.
And blurry pictures due to lots of movement....but I still thought they were super cute.

Popsicles, furniture and walking

It's been a busy week.
Hubby's been out of town again (boo).
Had three photo shoots, so I've been processing away during my free time... fun stuff.
It's been insanely hot and humid.
We haven't spent much time outside, but when we have... it usually includes this...

I'm still (slowly) working on packing.
Jolene came over one morning with her boys and corralled the kids so I could get some more packing done, it was super sweet of her.
Because let me tell you, packing with an almost 1 and 3 year old.... not so easy...

You'd think her hurt pinky would slow her down a little bit... 
but it hasn't.... not one bit.

We spent Monday being seen by an orthopedic surgeon.  He didn't want to unwrap her hand yet.  He took xrays and said that it has a better chance of reattatching if we leave it alone.  So we go back in a week and he'll look at it then.  The bummer part was that we spent a total of three hours there, during naptime.  Alayna was beyond tired and just …

Alayna the champ

We've had quite the week here.
Packing all week followed by a yardsale until about noon on Friday left me pretty tired.  I was hoping to get a nap when I put the kids down for their naps.

Ethan was being an absolute PILL. 

He was fighting me and refusing to go potty before his nap. He was screaming and throwing an absolute fit.  Meanwhile Alayna was also in the bathroom, trying to splash in the toilet and climb on Ethan.  I placed her outside of the bathroom (like I often do) and got ready to close the door.  I guess Ethan decided to "help" me in the middle of his fit and SLAMMED the door closed.  Alayna started screaming, and I figured it was due to her being locked out of the bathroom.

Ethan was still refusing to go potty, so I put a diaper on him and was going to put him into bed.  I opened the door and saw blood everywhere.  It took me a bit to find out where it was coming from.  Alayna's pinky finger had been smashed.  It was covered in blood so I didn't kn…

My Climber

Alayna loves to climb.
She climbs far more than Ethan did at this age (11 months).
She loves to climb up the little slide, or onto little chairs, or anything else she can manage to get onto. 
She's crazy :)

I turned my back for a few minutes today while I was trying to pack some boxes, and this is what I found.....
I couldn't believe she had climbed up onto that box!
She's crazy!

It's a good thing she's so cute :)

It's funny, one of the most frequent comments I get from people after they have spent time with her is "wow, she's so active!".  It's been like that from the start :)  My mom says she's just like I was at that age.


-I'm having fun planning out all the color schemes I want to use in our new home.  So far I'm going with this for Ethan's room, and then bright pink and soft teal for Alayna's room.  I'm going to paint my laundry/craft room a granny smith green (I've always wanted to paint a room that color).  The guest bedroom will be a light gray elegant black and white stuff.  The living room is going to be a light yellow.  That's as far as I've gotten :)

-I've been SUPER thankful for my a/c this week.  I don't do well with humidity.  I could never be a southern girl.

-I haven't had a decent night of sleep in weeks.  If it's not been one thing it's been another.  It makes me feel like this....

-I hate packing.  I'm glad we don't move often.  Hopefully this will be the last time in a really long time.  However I'm SUPER excited to get into our house.  I can hardly wait :)

-Matt is going to be out of town for the entire week right before…


Sibling Love

Daddy Love
Grammy Love
Doggy Love

A virtual tour

A lot of people have asked to see pictures of the house we're buying.  I know I'm silly, but I haven't wanted to post pictures until we're close to closing escrow.  I guess we're closer than before, but it's certainty no done deal yet.  We are supposed to close escrow on our house and the house we're buying two weeks from Monday.  Selling a house in addition to buying one definitely adds much more to the process (last time around we were first time buyers).

-The house is one story
-2800 sq. feet
-3 bedrooms and an office/guest room
-3 car garage
-sits on a half acre (fully landscaped, just not all alive right now)
-2 1/2 bath
-2 fireplaces
-central vacuum and speakers

It's totally 80's chick. 
Whoever built this was probably happenin' in the 80's :)
We will be chainging a lot, and hopefully making this house look a little more modern.
However we love the "bones" of it.

So.... here's to hoping/praying it all works out!