I'm back!

We are in our house and I finally have internet hooked up to my computer, woo hoo!  Almost a month with no internet... I was dying!  I really did kind of feel like I was out of touch with things.  I'm so behind on blogging that I don't even know where to begin.  I think I'll keep this short.

Moving into our house has been exhausting and exciting.  We spent three weeks having tile put in, painting some of the rooms, getting granite countertops installed in the kitchen, and then Matt worked on building a soffett in the kitchen with can lights.  I don't have pictures yet... I know you're dying to see some, and now that I can finally blog again I will post some soon.  Part of me hates showing "unfinished" projects, but I guess it's fun to see the process of something too.

Anyhow, in the midst of trying to get into our house last week I was struck with a horrible flu, immediately followed by a horrible cold.  Matt spent his days last week at work and then came to the house and worked until midnight every night.  It was a very exhausting week.  Finally on Friday things were at least to the point where we could get in, so we packed up our stuff at Papa and Grandma's and moved into our house.  We had planned on getting things done over the weekend, but the flu made a nasty visit to Matt and I only got one hour of sleep on Saturday, so Sunday we were wrecked.

It's nice to be home, yet wherever I look there are things that need to be done :)  We still have to finish the kitchen, the yard is still very dead, the guest bedroom needs to be painted, curtain rods and curtains hung in most rooms, and the list goes on and on and on.  I keep trying to remind myself that it will all happen eventually.  For now we are living here and loving our new home. 

Some things I am loving about our new home:

*my kids have their own rooms.  We no longer have to tiptoe around Alayna sleeping in the family room, the girl finally has her own room.
*My dishwasher... it's wonderful.  Six years with no dishwasher really makes a gal grateful :)
*How light and open my house is.  My previous house was quite dark.  I love having a bright home.
*A fridge with an icemaker.  I'm an ice freak, and I've never had one.  I love it.
*The view out of my windows... it's so pretty.  From my kitchen window I can see the hills (Oak Glen). 
*Our neighborhood is very quiet (our old one was too), but this street is even quieter.  I have yet to meet any neighbors, but I'm blaming the heat and the fact that everyone has been camped out in front of their a/c's.  If I don't see anyone soon, I'm just going to start knocking on doors and introducing myself :)

Ok, I must go now... I have so much to do, including editing a maternity shoot I was able to do for a dear friend this past weekend.


Rhonda said…
Yay for a new home.
I look forward to pictures. I hope you are all back to 100% health soon.
Charlee said…
Congrats on moving in.... I know its hard with 1 kid I couldn't immagine doing it with 2 under 3 in tow!
Noreen said…
Congrats! So happy for you!
Genn said…
How exciting to be in your house!

And one whole month without internet? I don't think I could handle it.

Sorry you all caught a nasty bug. Hope eveyone's health is on the mend.
Crystal said…
Can't wait to see pics. I'm so sad that you've been sick, were you taking your Juice Plus? (do I sound like a mom;). Not that it's always magic, but I've avoided so many flus colds etc b/c of JP and that's why I swear by it. Either way, so sorry you were sick =(. xo
Jolene Grace said…
Congrats girl. Look forward to all of your blog posts to come about projects, etc. Fun times! :-)

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