Number of pictures I was in when I uploaded pics to my computer... that was out of 1,000, lol.  I think I need to try to remember to get in a few more of my pictures.

Days until we move... so excited.... so much to do yet :)

Number of humongous glasses of ice water with fresh mint and cucumber I've been drinking per day.  It's my new favorite thing, and super refreshing.

Average number of tantrums this one has per day (post all about him coming soon)...
Days until my sweet little baby turns one... ahhhhh.
We got her finger unwrapped yesterday morning.  I think it looks pretty icky, but they assured me it actually looks good.  She will most likely have a fingernail, but her finger might be a little stumpy.  There is some dead tissue, and it will eventually fall off.  We'll see how it heals.  As the PA put it "kids this age are like salamanders, you'd be amazed what will grow back".  LOL
For now they want it left uncovered.  We're keeping a sock on her hand during the day so she doesn't pick and bite at it.

Number of frames I have that are waiting to be "re-done".  I have plans for them, trust me, I'm not collecting them in vain... and I can't wait to show you all when I get them finished and positioned in our new house :)  I picked up these guys last week at a neighbor's estate sale.  I got them along with a fun box of vintage sewing notions and some upholstery fabric and a fun slate chalkboard, all for a total of $19.00

Number of minutes my baby has been playing around in her bed this morning instead of napping.  On the plus side this has allowed me to blog and get some pictures organized, on the down side... she really needs her nap.

*Lastly.... a sneak peak at those night stands that we just refinished.  They turned out fabulous, but I'm not posting a picture of them finished until I put the hardware on, and I'm waiting to do that until they are in the new house.  Matt helped me paint them.  Spraying furniture with the paint sprayer and air compressor.... totally the way to do it.  Turned out fabulous and can be done really quickly.  As with all painting, the key is in the prep work :)

Ok... I really should get some more stuff done around the house.  That's all for now :)


Charlee said…
Cute post! I remember the tantrum days just keep chugging along you might get lucky and he straightens out when he is 3 and not when he is 5 like mine did :(

I can't wait to see the furniture refinishing!
jo said…
love the post!! So excited for you guys!!

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