We moved!

Excuse my absence from the blogosphere. We moved over the weekend and have been quite busy. Here is a summary:

-I packed for weeks. If I didn't have little ones around, I probably could have done it within a week :)

-We moved it all in one day with the help of our awesome family and friends. A HUGE thank you to: Sid and Marlene Hekman, my mom for taking the kids overnight, Danny and Jolene Flores, James Oates and his brother in law, Mike Hekman (Matt's brother), Thomas Odenbaugh and David Cairnes and his girlfriend Kaitlyn. Seriously, we were so very grateful for all of the help.

-Now our new house is filled with unpacked boxes and we are staying with Matt's parents we remodel the kitchen.

-I don't have access to internet very often, which is why I haven't been around online :)

-We hired people to do the granite and tile in our house... they start Monday and will hopefully finish within the week. So very exciting :)

-We purchased all of our appliances over the weekend. For the first time in 6 years I will have a dishwasher... I'm pretty excited. I'm also super excited to have an automatic ice maker... goodbye ice trays!

-I have no pictures to share with you because I'm just updating real quick while I have an internet connection.

-While at my in laws Ethan has been sleeping in a "big boy bed" for the very first time. Yes, he's almost three. Don't judge. He's done great and thinks it's awesome. I guess it's not a super huge change since he's been able to freely climb in and out of his crib for months now, lol.

-I'm busy busy busy picking out paint colors, deciding what I want to do with my furniture, chasing after my two little ones, and wishing I had a chance to work on stuff at the new house too.

Ok, that's my quick update. I'll be back soon... hopefully with pictures! I can't wait to share with you all the fun stuff we're doing with the house.

-My baby girl turns one on Friday... ahhhh!!! How did that happen?


Genn said…
How exciting for you guys! I hope you get settled in quick! I'm sure you are dying to get all unpacked and into a new routine at your new house.
Can't wait to see pictures. :)
Rhonda said…
Yay for you!!!
Can't wait to see pictures. I know its going to be amazing!

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