After spending most of our remodeling budget on the tile and kitchen counters, we weren't left with much for decorating or fun "extras".  Thankfully I have tons of great ideas that I've come across on the internet and at friend's houses that don't cost much.  I copied these two projects after visiting this lovely ladie's home.  She has a gift for decorating on a shoestring budget, and I think I just want to copy everything she does :)  Mimicry is the highest form of flattery, right?

Remember all of the frames I've been collecting?
Well, I finally got to use one of them (and I will be using most all of the rest, as soon as I have time).
I was going to use the chalkboard paint I had purchased and paint some plywood to fit into the frame, however after visiting Leslie's home and seeing what she had done, I ordered this awesome product.  Peel and stick chalkboard is my new friend.
I love the stuff.

All I did was paint my frame white,
cut out some chalkboard vinyl to fit behind it,
slap it up on the wall,
then used mounting tape (my new best friend) to stick my frame over it.
Easy Peasy.

This next project was another copycat from Leslie.
Six clipboards from the Dollar Store.
Mounting tape I already had.
Fun decor for Ethan's room.

The great thing is I can change stuff out and hang artwork.
The pictures that are in there now are just a few I quickly grabbed out of my box.
I need to get a few recent ones in there as well.

While I was in Ethan's room taking pictures, I decided to snap a few of his bed and decor.
Matt painted the awesome stripe to match his bedding.
The bed belonged to my brother, and is awesome.
The Christmas lights are special for my light-obsessed little boy.
The carmat on the floor is from IKEA... it's super fun, it was super cheap, and he loves it.

He's showing me how he can lay in his window seat


Genn said…
Did you really post this at 12:22 AM? I was up at that time last night too. I feel like I just lay awake all night. I hate those nights!

Anyway, I just love that window and that neat toy box/window seat in Ethan's room. It adds such character. Love his xmas lights too and the clipboard idea is a great one. I am going to remember that one. Thanks for sharing.
Leslie said…
oh love love love...
It is THE highest form of flattery for sure...

and Im totally flattered.... that someone else thinks my crazy ideas aren't so crazy.. :)
dollar store. Really I had to order mine off amazon.. it was impossible to find without a logo on the metal clip....


Btw.. Ethan's room is my absolute favorite room. I love the color palette.
Rhonda said…
Love it!!!
I might just do some copying too. And I love what Matt did in Ethan's bedroom. Very nice!
SSchenkel said…
I LOVE window seats. Okay, Ethan, I'm jealous.
Eileen said…
LOVE the room... the window seat is so cool!

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