Alayna's First Birthday

Our little girl turned one...
almost a month ago.
I've yet to post pictures and that makes me a little sad.
I'm trying to get into my blogging groove again.

We had a little party for her with just our family and the Flores family.
Since we had just moved a few days before and were temporarily staying with Matt's parents, we just wern't up to doing anything big.
Poor second child.
It's a good thing she won't ever remember!~

She was such a little cutie and had fun with her cake and presents.
I made her a cute little birthday outfit.
I love having a little girl to dress :)

She is such a girlie girl, I love it.
She received several babies for her birthday.
She ADORES babies, and pretty much anything that she can love on, like stuffed animals.
It's amazing having a girl after having a boy, and being able to see the differences in them.
She squeals with delight when she hold a baby or stuffed animal.
She brings it to her face and hugs it and kisses it.
It's quite precious, and it melts my heart.

Cousin Jenelle showed Alayna how to use her new cradle and feed the baby

We got Alayna this push car and she LOVES riding around in it.

Jolene made her a beautiful and DELICIOUS cake, and she enjoyed it so very much.

The aftermath....

Ethan enjoyed it quite a bit himself :)

Ethan and Christian had fun playing on the swings

Mr. Jonathan Flores talking to his mama

Me and my sweet little one year old!

Our party guests.....

Now I have a one year old AND a two year old at the same time.... crazy :)


Charlee said…
So cute!! and I love the girliness too just wat it keeps getting better! Soon it will be jewelery, pretty shoes and cooking in the play kitchen!
Jolene Grace said…
Her outfit was so dang precious. She could not have been ANY cuter! Alayna is such a sweet girl, and has the best parents and big brother EVER. Thank you for including us in the celebration. XOXOX
Rhonda said…
What a cutie.
Great job on the birthday outfit!

And I know this post isn't about her, but Jolene is looking AMAZING!!! Way to go girl!!!
Kelly said…
She is such a "little girl" now, rather than a baby! Love the tutu. :)
Jill said…
That cake looked amazing!!! Happy birthday, Alayna!

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