Digging for fun

Yesterday morning my mother in law came over for an hour to watch the kids so I could go to a barn digger sale.  Oh my was it ever fun.
It was dirty...
REALLY dirty.
Like wear gloves and a dust mask dirty.
Like I went home and needed to take a shower dirty.
Like there were spiders EVERYWHERE dirty.
You went in and literally DUG through piles of stuff that had been in there for many many years.
The building is set to be demoilished this week so everything was super cheap.
I found myself quite a few treasures...
and all for $15.00
I was pleased.
I think my favorites are the milk glass, the window, the tomato crate and the key.

These are belt buckles... kinda cool... I have no idea what I'll do with them

I'm going to hang this key somewhere in my house

I've wanted a window for quite some time. 
I was stoked to come across this beauty.
I'm going to clean it up and hang it in my home with a few other things... maybe a little wreath I make.
Of course.... more frames :)

I passed on the news of this sale to this lovely lady who is the one who has inspired me to bargain hunt and then repurpose vintage items for fun things for my home.
She drove all the way out and dropped off her kiddos to play while she went and dug.
Our kiddos played really well together, in fact it was easier than just having my two by themselves.
Ethan kept calling her daughter "my girlie".
I have no idea where he got that from, but it was quite cute.
You can see what she got on her blog.
It was a fun, and unexpected day.
Matt got home and saw my treasures and said:
"Oh great, more random stuff"

Just wait, I have a vision for these items,
you will see it in time :)


Rhonda said…
How fun!!!
I love the belt buckles.
Can't wait to see what you do with them.
Leslie said…
you totally scored on glass..
and totally surreal to see my kids on your blog.

love your posts..
and thank you for a fun day!

now popsicles makes since to me.. I think that was Rylan's favorite part.. and is Cade kissing that baby... ahhh melt!!
Tonda Lynk said…
those belt buckles might make some cute barrettes :)
Patty said…
Fun! We are wanting a window for our house too. I'd probably have one by now if I went to these digger sales like you do! How do you find out about them? Are you on some barn digger mailing list or something??
Can't wait to see how you reinvent your treasures!
Sarah Sherman said…
yes! how do you know about these sales?
Joy said…
Darn Bigger Sale YAY! :) I was thinking barrettes, too or pretty magnets. Nothing like a shopping score!

my word verification: shisto
My made up meaning: "Oh shisto I stepped in poop."
Mom H. said…
I love your wood box! Was that a find too?
Crystal said…
Why can't I live closer?! Drooling over the milk glass and belt buckles.

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