Ethan's "Big Red Clifford" party

To celebrate Ethan's third birthday (which is actually tomorrow), we threw him a "big red Clifford" party, per his request.  I had fun decorating and preparing fun red treats.  We had friends come over and had a great party.  Being that we love to entertain, I am loving that we now have a house that is big enough to host a large group of people, and does not feel cramped.  I have tons of pictures from our fun day....

My birthday boy ready for his party

Some of the decor.  I had fun making bunting banners.

I had a red candy bar full of treats  
Is this not the cutest cake ever?  Jolene made it... so fun.

Ethan enjoyed it!
Ethan and Grammy

My brother and Danny

Ethan with his cousins Jenelle and Clayton

The one picture of the four of us

Opening gifts

Ethan was a whirlwind while opening gifts... he loved that part

All of the cousins at the party, and Aunt Heather too.


Eileen said…
SO CUTE! What a fun day. AWESOME color theme, and the cake is SO GREAT! Your pictures rock!
Rhonda said…
Yay Ethan.
Happy Birthday big boy.

GREAT cake Jolene. You are so gifted!
Great job on everything Jess. Love the banner and all the red treats.

3 is fun!
Grandma and Papa H. said…
We were there too, Happy Birthday Ethan!! Jess you out did yourself, beautiful party!! Fun memories!
Christy said…
Great decorating girl and amazing cake Jolene. :) Happy birthday sweet boy!
Jolene Grace said…
Jess, you really did a fabulous job on the decorating. Your house was amazing.
Unknown said…
Superb Big Red Clifford birthday bash. So pleased to see everyone enjoying this day. My nephew just turned 10 and had a surprise bash from his family. To keep this party secret we had reserved one of his favorite outdoor New York venues. He loved our surprise a lot.

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