Hallo-Wii 2010

This past Tuesday we had our annual Hallo-Wii party with our Tuesday night dinner group.
We all dress up and play Wii.
We're dorks like that :)
As always Matt and I threw together our costumes at the very last minute.
Can you guess what we are????

I'm a "treehugger" 

Thomas and Leighann are zookeepers

Their monkey decided to climb the tree!

Megan and Willy

The Mercers

And you gotta love The Oates.... they rocked Star Wars


Rhonda said…
LOVE the Star Wars gang. That is AWESOME!!!
Tree hugger is pretty creative too.
Janette said…
Great use of those used packing boxes Matt and Jess! Very creative as usual :)
Heather Hekman said…
Fun. Thanks for sharing.
Brigitte said…
That is so fun! I always look forward to seeing what you guys pick each year. Very cute, I must agree that the Oats did a great job but the Mercers were rather scary! :)I feel like I can fit right in with Leighan :) hee hee.
Crystal said…
SO CUTE! And you are so stinkin clever.

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