Halloween Costume Parade

This morning I took the kids for the annual Halloween costume parade at a cute little retirement home near our church.  Our mom's group meets up there during coffee time.  We get to trick or treat around the table and all of the Papas and Grandmas give the kiddos candy.  It's such a cute little event, and fun to have a way to celebrate during the day.

This year I had a cowboy and Tinkerbell. 
They were so cute.
Ethan didn't want to wear his costume at first (despite having picked it out himself).  Once I told him there was candy involved, he decided to cooperate.
He was very excited to go get some candy for his bucket.
I tried to get a picture of them together.... not much luck

Ethan was really trying to cooperate, however his sister was just trying to get away

My cowboy doing some rope tricks
Tinkerbell looked so cute in her sweet costume

I bought his hat for Ethan, but it was too big, so I wore it and we matched

My mom came over and met up with us so she could see the kids in their costumes

Ethan was IN HEAVEN with his bucket of candy.  My little sugar hound


Rhonda said…
Love that cowboy costume!
Jill said…
So bummed we missed it! I love going to that event and seeing the smiles of all the people there.
Eileen said…
Absolutely precious! Great costumes! Grandma... aren't grandchildren the BEST!!! So great seeing pictures of you.

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