Meet my friends

I would like to indtroduce you to two new friends of mine.
They have become very important to me, and I've taken quite an intense liking to them.
I'll start off with my favorite friend.....

Mr. Dishwasher

He's divine.
You see, I haven't had a dishwasher in six years.
You just can't get your dishes as clean by hand as you can with a dishwasher.
Glasses end up a tad spotty,
silverware just doesn't get as clean and shiny,
dishes aren't near as sparkly,
but with Mr. Dishwasher.... you just pop them in and push start...
and they are CLEAN!

I had gotten into the habit of using paper plates when entertaining, or when feeling lazy.
But now... I've been using my dishes all the time.
I never thought I could love an appliance this much,
but every day when I push start on Mr. Dishwasher...
I sigh with contentment and smile.

While we're on the topic of appliances I would like to introduce you to another friend of mine....

The Icemaker

I've never in my life lived in a house with an automatic icemaker.
I'm an ice freak.
I can't drink a beverage without ice.
I'm constantly drinking ice water

Do you know what a pain it is to consantly fill up ice trays and make your own ice?
It's not the end of the world or anything, but it is a pain.
I am LOVING having an automatic icemaker.
Boy is it fun :)

It's the little things.

Oh, and don't worry....  I will show you my whole kitchen... as soon as we get our backsplash up :)


Charlee said…
I am happy for you getting your new appliance friends! You never realize how much you miss them or how great they are until they are gone. I do a load of dishes in the dishwasher 1 time a day and well more ice then you could count(Brad is in ice eater)And they are pretty appliances to top it off!
Rhonda said…
Those were my 2 favorite new appliances when we moved into our house here too.
I wish we could have a stand alone icemaker. We've talked about maybe putting one in the garage one day. That would be amazing!!!
Crystal said…
Okay those are SO shiny and pretty. I loved that steel/brushed nickel look =). And I too love ice and dishwashers.
nafets. said…
i'm jealous and might just have to steal your dishwasher. D: i haven't lived somewhere with one for 2 years. :[
Brigitte said…
I used to have a Mr. Ice maker but in our rental the hose for this item does not fit my fridge. So now I understand this plight well. It is miserable b/c I too use TONS of ice. Congrats on your new friends!
Heather Hekman said…
Glad for you. I love those two things, too.

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