Oak Glen with Friends

The other week we went up to Oak Glen three times in one week.  One of those outings was for a picnic with our mom's group at church.  We packed up some food, brought some blankets, and hung out on the lawn at Los Rios for a couple of hours.  The weather was gorgeous up there that day, and it was fun to be out enjoying the beauty.

Oreo mouth

Alayna and Livy.... they are only 2 months apart

We were saying Sarah is like the Pied Piper because the kids flock to her wherever she goes :)

Sarah and Aliyah

This is what I get for asking him to smile

Ethan was in heaven when Rachel Truer taught him how to take pictures with her phone.  He would have played with that for hours if she'd let him!

Who's that kid on the right that looks angry and isn't cooperating? Geesh, some people's kids ;)  

Leighann with baby David in the sling.  She's borrowing the sling I used for Alayna. The funny thing is that David is just about exactly a year younger than Alayna, so everytime I see Leighann it reminds me of what I was up to exactly a year ago!


Leslie said…
so so sweet.
did you give us that plaid shirt.. Its my new favorite EVER on Cade.. It melts me so so bad every single time he wears it. So thank you.

and did you give us a stack of stride rites... they are the first shoes, he doesn't scream when we put on... SO THANK YOU friend.

btw. did you get a note from me in the mail. I hope so. Let me know if not.
SSchenkel said…
I LOVE that picture of Olivia and Alayna by the tree! It's amazing the difference of your pictures versus mine! Yours are much better!

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