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Saturday October 1st
2:08 pm: Got to go to IKEA this morning kid free AND with my hubby :) Thanks Danielle Lamprecht for babysitting! Now I have two photoshoots in a row... one, two three... go!

Saturday, October 2nd 
9:06 am: Got to sleep in until almost 8:00 (thank you kids!), Had a delicious breakfast of homeade french toast with real maple syrup... so yummy. Now I'm preparing some cute little tea sandwhiches for Janette McLaughlin's baby shower and then I get to have some girl time with dear friends :) It's a great Saturday!

8:30 pm: I really miss my FIOS... DSL seems sooooooooo slow now

Monday, October 4th 
8:00 am: My poor hubby has the flu... I feel like we've had enough drama lately, a normal week would be nice (it ended up being food poisoning rather than the flu).

8:51 am: I find it incredibly cute that every time someone says the word "dog" Alayna looks up, smiles and says "woof woof "

5:11 pm: Gettin' ready to go out to dinner to celebrate my birthday at my favorite place (The Farm) with some of my favorite people (my hubby and Danny and Jolene)!

Tuesday, October  5th
 11:30 am: Lovin' all the birthday love today... especially since my hubby had to leave this morning to go out of town all week for work... boo. Thanks everyone! ♥

7:30 pm:  My mama and my mother in law got me a Tiffany bracelet for my birthday from when they went to NYC, how sweet is that????? That's one of the best birthday presents ever!

Wednesday October 6th,
 9:00 am: Was it really 100 degrees a week ago? This morning we are snuggling in our jammies with the heater on! Gotta love So Cal weather :)

12:30 pm: Steaming tomato soup and panini's with roasted red peppers, mozzarella and fresh basil... the perfect lunch for this weather and oh so yummy.


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