A Sleepover with the Flores Family

The other weekend the Flores family packed up and spent the night with us for a little sleepover.  We used to do this quite often during our "pre-kid" days.  We would spend the night at their apartment in Orange, or they would spend the night at our little house in Yucaipa.  This was the first time we were able to host them since having kids.  Now that we have enough bedrooms we can have people stay the night again, yay!

We enjoyed dinner, put our kiddos to bed, and hung out some more in front of Matt's wet bar.  He's a great bartender :)  Danny and Jolene had won a $100 bottle of Chardonnay and saved it to toast us in our new home.  We savored every sip of that delicious bottle and enjoyed some very rare adult time.

The kids all slept pretty well and it was so fun to wake up together and enjoy breakfast in our jammies.
All the kiddos eating pumpkin muffins

Christian and Ethan snuggled up on the couch watching cartoons

After we got ready and the babies napped we headed up to Oak Glen to have a little picnic and enjoy the beautiful day.  We went to our favorite spot, Los Rios, and had tri tip sandwhiches, apple cider and of course fresh apple pie.  The kids had fun running around and being crazy (and I got very tired trying to keep Alayna from running into the parking lot), and we were even able to snap some family pictures of each other to use for our Christmas cards.  It was a wonderful afternoon.

The little ones sharing a snack

A rare moment.... the boys are sitting down!

Daddy daughter giggles melt my heart

Ethan was trying to make Christian laugh for their family picture
I love how animated he is

We tried to relax as much as four little ones would allow us... which pretty much meant not at all :)  Jolene was laying on a bench and Ethan layed on top of her.  It was cute.

Danny snuggling with his youngest boy

Me and my sis

The boys exploring
Little Miss Alayna
I love this picture of Alayna
What a wonderful weekend with our wonderful friends.
We are blessed!


Rhonda said…
How fun.
You absolutely are blessed.
Crystal said…
You are blessed. So sweet. I love that you guys have each other =). xo
Jolene Grace said…
We had such a GREAT time with you guys. Thank you SO MUCH for everything sis. LOVE YOU!
Christy said…
So Fun! Good friends are the best!

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