Two Weeks

Today marks two weeks that we've been in our house.
I guess really WE'VE only been in our house one week, since Matt's been out of town all week for work (poo).

I promise you, I will post pictures of all of the rooms when I feel like I want to show them :)  For now, we've been:
-working on getting boxes unpacked and broken down (if I have to unpack one more box I'm going to scream)
-curtain rods hung (boy has this taken a lot of time... we have tons of windows here and none of them had any window treatments)
-curtains ironed and hung
-odds and ends purchased
-almost half of the many sprinklers fixed
-plumbing disasters averted and fixed one at a time (buying a house that had the water shut off for nearly six months can pose some serious plumbing issues)
-and of course just the daily challenge of keeping up a house and taking care of kids... which doesn't leave very much time for the things I just mentioned

The kids and I have been enjoying the vast amount of space we have to play.
I've never been keen on formal living rooms that don't receive a lot of use, so I made ours a play room.  It works really well with this floor plan, and wer'e all loving it.

Alayna LOVES to look at books, it makes the former teacher in me proud :)
A dolly in hand makes this girl happy :)
Ethan and Daddy conversing over a bowl of cereal in the morning

Who needs toys when you can get into drawers???

Just a warning to any other photo-holics out there....
I hadn't posted pictures all week because I could not get pictures to upload onto Blogger.
I finally figured out I had run out of free storage.
I guess that's what happens when you post very large picture files for three years... oops.
I had to purchase more, and then I was FINALLY able to get some pictures on here, whew.

As much as I'd love to sit here and post TONS more, I must go...
My hubby is on his way home after being out of town for the week,
I have chili simmering in the crockpot,
fresh pumpkin cookies just out of the oven,
and Danny and Jolene are coming with their boys to stay the night for some fun and relaxation.
It's going to be a great weekend!


krista said…
Ahhh I want to see your house so bad! Hopefully on Sunday!!! I will meet you there so I can take a peek :) Sounds like you are plugging takes awhile!
Okay, since when is there a limit on Blogger. That's going to be a problem for me...How do you tell how close to your limit you are???
Genn said…
My Mom just had that same problem with the limit of pictures on blogger. Weird! I am suprised I haven't yet. But I hate the new uploading system now! I liked the old version.

Sounds like you guys are so busy. Moving is so so so much work! Especially with little ones too. From what I can tell it looks like home already though.

Can't wait to see more. Enjoy your weekend with your friends. :)

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