A visit from family

We were blessed to have my dad's parents (my grandparents ) and one of his sister's (my Aunt Kami) come out to visit us from Colorado last week.  We were excited to finally be able to host them, as we have enough space in our house.

Being that we have two little ones who nap at various times, we didn't go too many places.  We went up to Oak Glen one day and had a picnic at our favorite park up there.  We also got to tour the old historic schoolhouse, which was fun.  Mostly, we hung out at home.  We ate lots of good food and really just enjoyed one another.

Kami took Ethan and Cookie for a walk nearly every morning.
My Papa spent a lot of time during the week cutting up three dead trees in our jungle of a front yard (thank you Papa!).
We played some games, watches sports (well my Papa and Matt watched them.... I find it impossible to pay attention to sports).
It was a fun week.

My brother and Aunt Kami with Cookie snuggled up on their laps.

My papa (Alayna's great grandpa) playing with Alayna

My Papa enjoys his grandkids and great grandkids... so sweet

Ethan and my Aunt Kami... he was laughing because he tooted on her lap... not so polite!

Before church on Sunday, this is the face Ethan made when I asked him to smile

Ethan with both of his great grandparents.  Sadly Alayna didn't get a picture with them because she was napping.

Alayna playing peek-a-boo with my Grandma

 My Aunt Kami has a rat terrier named Jackson, so when she comes out here she loves to see Cookie.  Kami and Cookie were inseparable during their visit.  Cookie even got to sleep with Kami. Cookie followed her around non-stop, and was kind of mopey when she left.

The kids loved having so much extra attention (as did Cookie),
and I loved getting to see my family.
It had been a year since we'd seen each other.
The only bummer is I forgot to have someone take a picture of ME with them! 


Rhonda said…
I almost always forget to get in on the pictures. You're usually pretty good at that too.
Genn said…
What a great visit. That picture of Ethan on his bike with your grandparents is really good! Too bad Alayna was sleeping for that one. I bet they really enjoyed getting to spend time with your kids too. :)
Tonda said…
My uncle actuly attended that school, His photo is on the wall somewhere
Jolene Grace said…
It looks like such a fabulous time. What a blessing for all. You are the hostess with the mostest.

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