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It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

Since I never decorated my home for fall this year I was extra antsy to decorate for Christmas.  I put up our Christmas decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving... a first for me.  Matt had ankle surgery the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and I knew he wouldn't be able to be of much assistance, so that was part of my motivation in decorating early.

It was so much fun to decorate for Christmas in my new house.  I love that I have space for garland now.  I bought some garland at Costco recently, and the kids had fun playing in the box after I opened it.

It was a tad difficult decorating with my two little destroyers "helping" me. We are constantly reminding them that the tree is for "looking, not touching". Mostly it's my little Alayna who constantly takes the ornaments off the tree.

Hanging the last ornament on the tree...
And... the finished product!

Unfortunately it only looked that nice for one day. The following morning the kids made sure to tear it apart, a…

Reading with Daddy

Alayna loves books.
As a former teacher, this makes my heart happy.
Daily, she brings books to us, plops in our laps, and wants to look through them with us.
Right now she prefers the books with textures and "real" pictures.
The other day I walked into the family room and found her sitting next to Matt happily reading a book.
It pretty much melted me :)

Flores Fun

Yesterday afternoon the Flores family came over for some fun family time.  We love when we have the opportunity to hang out in the afternoon and not be rushed around due to overtired kids who are ready for bed.  They cruised over around 3:00 and we spent the afternoon and evening hanging out and enjoying one another's company.
We are so blessed to have friends that feel like "home".   Our kids adore one another and spending time with them is relaxing and recharging. I whipped out my camera to chronicle some of our fun.

After dinner things got a little crazy... I'm not sure what the chicken nuggets did to these kids,  but they were having FUN. They hopped up on our "stage", aka the fireplace and got down to the Christmas music that was playing.  It was hilarious, and Christian stole the show with his crazy moves (and lack of clothing).  Alayna thought it was great fun to shake her booty, and Ethan mostly just layed there.

For some reason the dog bed has always been …

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a nice, low key Thanksgiving this year.  We went to church this morning, which was great.  Our church has a Thanksgiving service every year, and we actually hadn't been since we've had kids.  We stopped by my mom's for a little bit after church, then spent the remainder of the day with Matt's parents.  It was just us and them this year for Thanksgiving.  We visited, ate, visited, ate... and ate some more :) 

I was hoping for a cute picture of the four of us...
yeah... wasn't gonna happen.
These three were the best I got.

Oh well... that's life right now!

This little guy was a pistol today. 
He stretched us and challenged us as he often does :)
I told my mother in law that I think God is really trying to teach me how to be more patient, because that is not one of my strongest traits :)

I think it's working a little.... instead of getting angry and upset by Ethan... I'm really learning to smile and not let it get to me, and to be patient and loving. I r…

Alayna at 14 months

The other day after Alayna napped and Ethan "rested" we went out front to ride bikes and play.
I couldn't resist snapping some pictures of my little cutie in the leaves.
Her pink boots were so cute.

And guess what... another picture of ME!