Alayna at 14 months

The other day after Alayna napped and Ethan "rested" we went out front to ride bikes and play.
I couldn't resist snapping some pictures of my little cutie in the leaves.
Her pink boots were so cute.

don't mind the snotty nose, she had a cold

And guess what... another picture of ME!


Jhen.Stark said…
I love her pink boots! And she's so cute! And I'm jealous you get fall colored leaves in your yard... ours just look dead.
Genn said…
Cute pink boots!

And you aren't the only one with a coffee/caffeine addiction. I am not human until after two cups. ;)
Sarah Sherman said…
oh my gosh when did she turn into a toddler?? SO cute though!
Bro said…
you should do a picture of A and Matt in the leaves just like you and Dad did when you were that age. Then hang them up together...that'd be super cute!
pammyh said…
Um, I want those boots. For me. :)

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