An almost finished kitchen

This past weekend Matt installed the backsplash in our kitchen.
We are just about finished remodeling it.
I am really loving my kitchen.
I love to entertain, and do it frequently, and am finding this a great kitchen in which to do that.
I figured now is as good of time as any to FINALLY post some pictures of it :)

A little re-cap of what we did:
-New tile floors
-New granite countertops
-New sink and faucet
-Got rid of the flourescent lights, built a soffett in their place, and put can lights in the celing.
-Moved the range to the other side of the kitchen
-Installed the microwave above the oven/range and had cabinets retrofitted to fit the new cooking space
-Took out the trash compactor and had a pull out cabinet for our trashcans installed
-New appliances

I'll post before and after pics so you can see the transformation.
I tried to capture similar angles so you could really see the difference.
I know you are all dying to see our (Matt's) hard work...


Another Before shot
... and after.... TA DA!

 And "after", from a different angle...

And some more "after" shots of our new space...

The backsplash up close

Now, we still have to:
-Finish the soffett and install the crown molding
-Paint the kitchen
-Install the under cabinet lighting we purchased
.... then we'll be FINISHED!


Charlee said…
Nice work!!! We have the same appliances you do pledge multi surface cleans the stainless steel so it isint full of little hand prints! I love the backsplash we are thinking of doing that to our bathroom since we have a full granite backsplash
Tonda said…
love it so much! I love the back splash.
Brigitte said…
WOW that is a beautiful transition. So fun to see the before and after shots. How do you write on your pics like that? Great tool. :)
Genn said…
What a transormation! You guys did a great job. How lovely that you can see Oak Glen from your big beautiful kitchen window!
Rhonda said…
Looks GREAT Jessica (or should I say Matt?).
Christy said…
Great job friend! Coming along. How exciting. :)

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