Ethan is Three!

You turned three a week ago. Three years ago I became a mommy for the first time, and my life was forever changed.

To be honest, you are pretty much as difficult right now as you ever have been.  I've heard people say three was hard, and it's definitely ringing true with you.  I cry out to the Lord every day to help me mother you as best as I can.

I've come to realize that in order for us to have good days, you need to be challenged and guided all day long.  You are social and you want to constantly be with people.  You do not like playing by yourself at all. You are very comfortable around adults, but big groups of children intimidate you.  In our own home, with just a few people, you are very talkative.  You love having friends over to play or going to a friend's house.  If I bring you to a play date with lots of activity and children, you have no interest in playing with the other children, and stay glued by my side. 

You LOVE to pretend and make believe.  I love watching your imagination at work.  One of your favorite things to do right now is to pretend with me.  We pretend the carpet is the ocean and the couches are our boats and you call me Captain Mommy. You love to pretend we are doggies, you like to get out your doctor kit and have Dr. Ethan examine everyone, and the list goes on and on and on.   
You have a very strong willed nature.  If you decide to do something, it is very difficult to steer you in another direction. You have been known to scream for quite some time in hopes that you get your way.  When you do this, I usually put you in your room and let you scream.  The funny thing is that you will stop all of the sudden, come out and announce "I'm all done screaming Mommy, I'm ready to be nice".

You are a very verbal and expressive child.  The things you say amaze us.  All it takes is for you to hear something one time, and you remember it.  We can't whisper or talk about things around you that we don't want you to hear, because you always pick up on it.

You do have funny mispronunciations and names that you refer to certain things.  Some of our favorites are:

- snack truck (what you call your snack trap)
- You call "Cool Whip" birfday (we have no idea why you think it's called birthday, but we laugh and roll with it because we think it's cute).
-gummabar (granola bar)
-Gummabar tool (bar stool)
-You pronounce our street Mymona Street (Ramona Street).
-When you pretend you say "pretendin".  You'll say things like "I'll be a pretendin doctor right now".
-"Mr. Sunshine is going ni-night so Mr. Moon can wake up".  We have no idea where you got htat one, but it's cute.
-You call your father "vather" sometimes, and it makes me laugh.

One of the biggest changes since you've turned three is that you no longer use a binky.  This was a very difficult transition for you, as you were VERY attached to your binky.  You cried and cried the first night telling us "I don't want to be three, I want to be two".  After a couple of days you got used to it and stopped crying for it.  You still have your beloved Teddy.  The hardest part is that you have not been napping since we took away your binky.  This is just about doing me in.  You still need a nap, and are much better when you get one, but you don't seem to be able to settle down now that you don't have a binky.  Today we are trying a child's lock on the inside of your bedroom door to at least keep you in there for two hours, because trust me my dear son... I am a MUCH better mama when I get a break from you during the day :)
You are very athletic.  You received a "big boy bike" for your birthday that you already ride very well. 

You are very intelligent.  I really think you get your brains from your father.  You amaze me with how much you know and how easily you can figure things out.  You love to take things apart, also just like your father.  I have a feeling you will love to learn how to fix things and use tools as you get older.
You are very affectionate.  You still love to snuggle and ask to be held all the time.  You are too heavy to carry around, yet you still ask us if we will.  You love to be hugged and kissed and to curl up next to us and give us sugars.  I always tell you that you need to make sure you give me hugs and kisses when you are a big man, like your daddy does with his mommy :)

If we can get through three with you, I think we'll be able to get through anything ;)  I'm trying my hardest to find things that work with you, and really praying that above all else I can teach you about God's love for you.  I'm finally starting to realize who you are as a person, and working with that, instead of pulling my hair out and trying to make you be someone you are not.  Mothering is a learning process, and I learn everyday.  As my firstborn, you are somewhat of a guinea pig when we encounter new territory. Bear with me as I learn to mother you each step of the way my son. 

Here we go... another year.
I love you more than words can express.
Your mama


Charlee said…
So sweet!

Hang on 3 was rough for us situations and Brevens nature and attitude were tough but if you you can reign in things now it does get better. Keep him busy, keep his brain and body active and you will make it!
Julie said…
Happy Birthday, Ethan!

And I totally hear you with the threes being tough. :(
Anonymous said…
You can do it Sis! You are a GREAT mom! :)
Rhonda said…
Three is tough, but you are doing a GREAT job! And with all the work you are putting in, one day the thngs that make you pull your hair out will transform into amazing strengths for Ethan - because you helped guide that energy the right way.

Ethan - you are adorable.

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