Flores Fun

Yesterday afternoon the Flores family came over for some fun family time.  We love when we have the opportunity to hang out in the afternoon and not be rushed around due to overtired kids who are ready for bed.  They cruised over around 3:00 and we spent the afternoon and evening hanging out and enjoying one another's company.

We are so blessed to have friends that feel like "home".  
Our kids adore one another and spending time with them is relaxing and recharging.
I whipped out my camera to chronicle some of our fun.

Only the second picture of the two of us in our new home

One of my most favorite couples in the world.  They sure are cute aren't they?

Me and my "sis"... oh how I love this woman and adore our friendship

It's blurry... but I like it because it's the first picture of me cooking in my new kitchen.  We whipped up a tasty BBQ chicken pizza for dinner.

The kids were angles while they ate dinner, and little miss Alayna thinks it's so much fun to eat with the big kids.
Ethan and Christian pulled up bar stools in front of the TV to enjoy a riveting episode of Clifford

After dinner things got a little crazy...
I'm not sure what the chicken nuggets did to these kids, 
but they were having FUN.
They hopped up on our "stage", aka the fireplace and got down to the Christmas music that was playing.  It was hilarious, and Christian stole the show with his crazy moves (and lack of clothing).  Alayna thought it was great fun to shake her booty, and Ethan mostly just layed there.

This guy is a HAM.... just like his Daddy :)

For some reason the dog bed has always been a place of great interest to little ones in our home.  
It's fun to sit in, lay in, and snuggle up with a friend.

Alayna LOVES to give kisses.
I love this about her.
She is very affectionate and sweet.
She kept giving little Johnny and Christian kisses.
Pucker up baby!!!
After Alayna gave Christian some of her kisses...
He was smitten.
He put his arm around her and cuddled her in the dog bed.

Then he ever so gently held her hand and guided her through the house while calling her "Miss Alayna".
It really was adorable.
He was so sweet to her.

 Poor Jolene was a trooper while Ethan and Christian took turns jumping on her and tackling her.  I think I better send her a gift certificate for a massage!!!
Don't look too closely... there might be a minor sitting at our bar.  oops.  I promise, there was no underage drinking at our house.
And one last picture, because we are dorks and we like to have fun....
A "Lady and the Tramp" moment..
sharing a breadstick.
Aren't we sweet?
Now that's love.

The greatest part about our friendship with the Flores family is that EVERY time we are together, it is wonderful.  I just don't take pictures very often :)
Thank you Danny, Jolene, Christian and Jonathan for blessing us with the best "family" friendship ever!


Jolene Grace said…
My gosh, my eyes are filled with tears and my heart full. Thank you so much, dear friend, for such a lovely post. We always enjoy our times together, and are so very thankful for you guys. I LOVE this post. XOXOXO

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