It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

 Since I never decorated my home for fall this year I was extra antsy to decorate for Christmas.  I put up our Christmas decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving... a first for me.  Matt had ankle surgery the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and I knew he wouldn't be able to be of much assistance, so that was part of my motivation in decorating early.

It was so much fun to decorate for Christmas in my new house.  I love that I have space for garland now.  I bought some garland at Costco recently, and the kids had fun playing in the box after I opened it.

It was a tad difficult decorating with my two little destroyers "helping" me.
We are constantly reminding them that the tree is for "looking, not touching".
Mostly it's my little Alayna who constantly takes the ornaments off the tree.

Hanging the last ornament on the tree...

And... the finished product!

Unfortunately it only looked that nice for one day.
The following morning the kids made sure to tear it apart, and we've been battling that every day :)

After we finished decorating the house, my mom came over to watch the kids so that Matt and I could go on a date.
Here is a picture of her with the kids before we left.

My two crazy little monkies.
... and yes, Ethan has a binky in his mouth.... don't ask

Matt and I ended up going shopping for a bit, then we had a glass of wine at Time in a Bottle, a cute wine bar in Redlands.  We then enjoyed a delicious dinner at Romanos, in Redlands.  It was a much needed night out alone, and we are always so grateful when one of our parents watches our kids for us at no cost :)

I'll post a few more pictures of my other decorations soon.


Kelly said…
Love how long it seemed that box lasted as a play toy! Love it when stuff like that happens!!
Genn said…
Cute pictures. Alayna sure looks older all of a sudden. They change so quickly.

Did your husaband hurt his foot? It looks like he is wearing a brace in the next post. Hope he's okay.

Happy Holidays to ya. :)
Brigitte said…
Love the can come down and do mine...I have NO christmas tree talent! ZERO> :)
Jolene Grace said…
The kids in the box are so cute. :-) Your house looks fabulous!

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