Life Lately

I’ve slacked on my blogging again.
I have so many posts floating around in my head, but lately everytime I’m at the computer, I’m processing photos and working.  This is a very busy season for most photographers, and I appreciate all the business I’ve been getting.  The hard part about that is I’ve realized I’ve taken almost no pictures of my own family lately!  I have to remind myself to get out my camera at home these days.
I have to be honest, I've been struggling with balance.  Finding the time that is required of me to do all that I need to do lately is HARD.  I think this is something all moms face, weather they work out of the home or inside of the home. 
Part of the reason I've had so little time lately is that along with getting rid of the binky, Ethan has gotten rid of napping.  This has been very hard on me.  I use naptime to work on my photos, blog, or just take a few moments to catch my breath and enjoy some peace.  Instead I've been battling Ethan to stay in his room.  Today I went and bought one of those door handle locks so that he can't get out.  He may not nap, but he WILL stay in his room for two hours and give me a break.
Ethan is HARD lately.
Like pull out my teeth hard...
I'm in tears by the end of the day hard...
I find myself yelling way more than I'd like hard... 
I've wondered if something is wrong with him or if he's just a normal three year old hard... 
...All I can do is cry out to the Lord hard.
I just ordered a book titled "The Difficult Child" on Friday after a friend recommended it.  I really feel like I need all the help I can get with him right now.  I literally spend my entire day disciplining him.  He constantly whines and fusses and is very naughty. Everything is a battle.  He does what he knows he should not...
That, combined with not napping has made for some long and difficult days. 
Yes, I've read "The Strong Willed Child", by Dobson, and I try to adhere to all of his advice.  I keep telling myself that this WILL pay off.  My consistency and loving discipline (even if I have to do it ALL DAY LONG), will help to mold this child.
On the plus side, Alayna has been an angel. 
To be honest it's really hard not to compare the two of them. 
When you have one child that makes you want to pull your hair out, and the other that makes you smile all day long, you have to make a constant effort to treat them the same.  
It's easy for me to label them in my head, and I really really really want to stay away from that.  
 So there you have it, my parenting rambles for the week.  We're in the middle of lots of learning over here, and I think parenting is probably always like that.  Now, onto a few pictures....
This is the gorgeous view I've been enjoying from my windows.  The cold snap we had this year turned our Liquid Ambers brilliant colors, and I've been loving it.

While waiting for clients in Oak Glen yesterday I took a few moments to capture the beauty around me.  I love Oak trees.

Oak Glen is GORGEOUS right now.  The trees are all turning and they aren't always as brilliant as they are this year.
I just love autumn.
I love the smells, the food, the colors, the crisp weather...
I love it all.


Charlee said…
You sound just like me with 3yr old Breven! I am serious he has had issues since his 3rd birthday and I beleve that it caused him to be mis-diagnosed so be careful with doctors! He will grow out of some of it and some of it will always be an issue its just all in how you manage it. Stay strong!
Sarah Sherman said…
Lucy is the exact, i mean EXACT same way. Turns 3 Dec 37th. I really hope its just the age because I have been thinking something is wrong with her too. It really helps to know we arent alone :( I am so sorry Jessica...oh and by the way, same thing with Alayna and Stetson...
Leslie said…
oh Jess.. your not alone.
At all.

Seriously. Caders is my toughie.
A lot.

And we had a couple weeks like that with Ry trying to ditch naps right around her birthday, but then she gave in and started doing it again. So maybe you'll get that too.

oh but those pictures of him with the buntings in red.... he seriously is gorgeous, and happy.... and when he makes you crazy... pull those out.. for they will always make you miss 3 year old Ethan.
Crystal said…
I love your honesty, so refreshing. xo

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