pictures of our living space

I'm posting more before and after pictures of our house.
This time it's the living room, dining room and family room.
We didn't do a ton in these spaces remodeling wise, but we have begun to decorate.
We hung window treatments, painted the dining room, and had tile installed in the dining room and eat-in kitchen.

Here is the dining room BEFORE

And the dining room AFTER,
with new tile, paint, window treatments, light fixutre... and our furniture :)
The bunting banner says "Thankful" and is made from burlap.

Here is the living room BEFORE

Living room AFTER
It also doubles as our play room.
I'm not big on formal spaces that don't get used, so we made our living room our playroom :)
Notice the globe... I picked that up at a yard sale last week for $1.30.
I've been wanting a globe.
I also made that sign that says "The Hekman Home, est. 2002".
I scored the frame from IKEA for $10.00.  I put burlap in it and used my Cricut to cut out the letters, then I just hot glued them on (thanks Krista for the idea).

Family room BEFORE

Family room AFTER
All we've done in here is hang window treatments and a few things on the wall.
We're not sure how we want to arrange this room, but we don't think this will be how it stays.

This is the wet bar area BEFORE

Wet bar area AFTER
There's new tile inside and we got bar stools.
I made another chalkboard frame for Matt to write what he's serving, or anything else he feels like

This is the Eat-in kitchen BEFORE

And After...
so far all we have is new tile.
We still need to get a light fixture, paint, and hang decorations.
Oh, and then there's my table sitting in the garage primed....
it needs to be finished and it will go in there as well.

So there you have it... a few more pictures of our home.
It's feeling more and more like a home with each thing we hang :)
I'll be posting lots more pics!


Rhonda said…
Lovin' it Jess!
I really like the color you painted the dining area.
Eileen said…
SO beautiful! I love all your touches... the beamed ceiling is so cool, and I LOVE the fireplace!
Genn said…
Everything looks so nice! I love what you did in the dining room too. What a difference that all made. The architecture of your home is so neat.
Kelly said…
You've done so much and it looks amazing! I just love the whole layout of your house. :)
Kris said…
Your house reminds me a lot of ours.

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