"Pretendin'" Coffee

Matt and I are avid coffee drinkers.
We grind our beans and brew a pot EVERY morning.
I can't function without my coffee.
In fact, I might be a pretty pathetic sight without it.
There's just something about that aroma... and then the steaming hot coffee... that makes my morning complete.
I know I'm not the only addict out there, right?

Lately Ethan has been into drinking coffee with me,
only his is pretend.
It's really just water in an espresso cup.
He calls it his "pretendin'" coffee.
It's pretty cute, we sip our "coffee" together every morning.

Ethan actually tried my coffee one time and liked it (and I drink it black).
I told him only adults can drink it.
This child does NOT need caffeine.


Jhen.Stark said…
Oh Coffee is a must in the mornings! I love that he pretends with you! That is so cute!
Tonda said…
I feel the same way about my Dr Pepper :) Jack was so excited when we went to Starbucks and he got a kids carmel apple cider and I got the same thing (in an adult size)
Rhonda said…
So cute. I love my coffee too. And all my kids have gone through this, only their coffee has always been a little steamed milk with vanilla syrup. Molly asks for coffee milk all the time.
Jolene Grace said…
So stinkin' cute. Christian's coffee is sugar free hot (warm) chocolate. I just love your little E!
Kelly said…
I love the smell of coffee too...except I have to have about 1/2 flavored creamer to drink it. :) What a cutie drinking his pretend coffee!
Charlee said…
I love coffee and never function without it! My hubby isint a fan so my keurig is my BFF.

Breven loves to drink hot milk or hot chocolate in mugs and says he has coffee.

My kiddos pretend to play starbucks I guess we go there a lot!
jo said…
i hear ya on coffee. i too cannot live without it. lol

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