Recent outings and cell phone pics

I realized despite not taking "good" pictures of my kids lately, I have snapped quite a few blurry pictures with my cell phones while on outings.  I never take my DSLR with me.  For one, I'm just super paranoid about getting it stolen or lugging it around now that I use it for business, and secondly, I have a hard time taking pictures when I'm chasing after/controlling a one and three year old in public.

I actually try to get us out of the house nearly every day. Sometimes this may just be a trip to Staters, other times it can be a trip to the park, a play date, or an errand.  The important part is getting the kids out of the house for a little while. 

Let me share some recent excursions and blurry, low quality pictures with you...

Costco is always a fun outing.
It includes churros (my bribe to get us through the store)...
And lately when we go I let the kids play in the toy isle for a bit.
We do this at Target too.
Not only is it fun for them to explore and look at the toys,
but I think it's a good lesson for them...
to go to stores, see fun things, and then not buy any of them.
This activity is one of our favorites on rainy days when we're dying to get out of the house :)

McDonalds on a rainy day.  A few weeks back it rained for several days straight and my kids were going stir crazy.  I spontaneously took them to McDonalds one day and got them lunch and let them play in the ghetto play yard.  After Alayna got pushed down about 4 times in five minutes by different kids, I had enough and walked over to Ross, where I let them play in the toy isle for a while :)
One of our park trips.  Now that Alayna can run around, she has a blast at the park with her brother.  Of course she tries to do way more than she is able to manage, and I have to stay by her side at all times, but she loves every minute.

They always love the swings

Two recent sunsets in Yucaipa.  
I love sunsets.

The other week my mother in law was super sweet and took Alayna for the good part of a day so that I could take Ethan to Disneyland before our passes expired.  It was fun to take just him.  We did whatever he wanted, which did not include many rides.  His favorite part is always meeting the characters.  He is just tickled when he gets to meet them, I love it.

It was a lot of fun to spend the day focusing on him.  When he gets one on one attention he is in heaven, and behaves much better than normal.
This huge sucker was the treat he picked out and lasted him a good two hours.  It was awesome.

All tuckered out on the drive home.
 Since we live just down the road from Oak Glen we go up there at least once a week.  There is a park up there that we love, and it's fun to visit the different venues this time of year.  The trees are amazing right now.  We went up one day last week when it was rather hot.  Up there it was perfect.  It was a spontaneous trip and I decided we needed to finally try some of those famous mini apple cider donuts at Snowline.  They were delicious and the three of us had no problem devouring a dozen.
So there you have it, some random outings from the past month :)


Charlee said…
there is a trick to the mcd's playground trips you have to go at 11am or earlier or after 1pm when lunch is over. Those days we do super early lunch and plan a healthy snack at like 2pm
Amanda said…
That's a REALLY good idea to take the kids separately to Disneyland! I've been dying to take my kids (who are 2 and 3) on my own, but I'm a bit afraid. But with 1 kid I certainly can do it! And the one on one time would be perfect :) I think you've just inspired me!

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