Teddy Love

Anyone that's ever seen Ethan has probably seen him carting around his lovey...
His beloved "Brown Teddy".
He has loved this thing since he was a baby.
He sleeps with it and snuggles it and takes it many places.
He often tells me "Mom, I love my brown teddy, I love to snuggle him".
Ethan CANNOT sleep without Brown Teddy.
 I asked Ethan to show me how he likes to snuggle Teddy so that I could take a picture,
this is what he did...

We actually have two identical Teddies.
I keep one in the closet and trade it out every time we wash the other one.
Hopefully they hold up for him until he doesn't have the need to snuggle them all the time :)


Nikki said…
He was so cute with his Teddy yesterday... He sure loves him.
Heather Hekman said…
It's neat to have something that can provide so much comfort.

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