Thanksgiving 2010

We had a nice, low key Thanksgiving this year.  We went to church this morning, which was great.  Our church has a Thanksgiving service every year, and we actually hadn't been since we've had kids.  We stopped by my mom's for a little bit after church, then spent the remainder of the day with Matt's parents.  It was just us and them this year for Thanksgiving.  We visited, ate, visited, ate... and ate some more :) 

I was hoping for a cute picture of the four of us...
yeah... wasn't gonna happen.
These three were the best I got.

Oh well... that's life right now!

This little guy was a pistol today. 
He stretched us and challenged us as he often does :)
I told my mother in law that I think God is really trying to teach me how to be more patient, because that is not one of my strongest traits :)

I think it's working a little....
instead of getting angry and upset by Ethan...
I'm really learning to smile and not let it get to me,
and to be patient and loving.
I really think you'd be amazed, like truly amazed at the amount of  screaming that comes from this child.

I have a post to write about him lately... but we'll get to that later.
Back to Thanksgiving....
I figured while we were outside we should take a couple more pictures.
My sweet hubby and I
My sweet in-laws

Ethan decided the only thing he wanted from our Thanksgiving meal was a roll... typical

Really the only thing we did besides enjoy our delicious meal and visit, was play a riveting game of dominoes :) 
Me talking to my brother on the phone while Alayna enjoys her Thanksgiving dinner

I say this every year, but Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  I just love having a day that everyone stops to be together and focus on what we are thankful for (and of course the good food doesn't hurt).  I hope you had all had a fabulous day yourselves! 


Kelly said…
I love your outfit. :) Glad you had a nice day with Matt's family.
SSchenkel said…
Cute dress and leggings! And Aliyah only ate rolls, too. Go figure.

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