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Reflections from 2010

When a year comes to an end, I like to reflect back upon it.  2010 was quite the year of contrast for me.  It started out as one of the hardest of my life, and ended as one of the greatest.  Most years are not like that for me. When the year began I was still not sleeping, had a baby that didn’t sleep, was in the midst of post partum depression, and pretty much felt all around crummy.  Thanks to the help of some drugs and sleep training for the baby, I finally started getting some sleep and feeling better.  It was nice to feel like myself again after feeling so icky for so many months. I started learning how to use my camera and shoot in manual, and found that I really enjoyed photography even more than I realized.  This led me to starting my business, JessHekman Photography.  I imagined it would slowly grow throughout the rest of the year, and was very pleasantly surprised to have it take off rather quickly.  I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I found that I loved having something outsid…

Boxing Day

We continued our tradition of spending Boxing Day with the Flores family.  This was our third year at their house.  We pretty much did what we've done the past two years... eat, laugh, relax, and play Wii Fit.  Being that Boxing Day was on a Sunday this year (a work day for Danny), we didn't go over until after nap time.  The best part of the whole day was that we got all of our kids down for bed at 7:00!  Which meant we got a few hours of adult time. It was wonderful.  The not so wonderful part was when we went home at 11:00, Alayna didn't like being woke up and decided to stay awake until 1:00.  Oh well, it was still worth it :)

Par for the course, we were being silly taking a few pictures outside...

I actually didn't hardly take any pictures of the kids for once.  

And lastly, an artistic picture of danny's foot,  covered in his new wool socks, with Christmas light bokeh in the background :)

Christmas Day

The last of our Christmas pictures.
We spent the entire day with Matt's family at his parent's house.
His brother Dan was here from New York, and his sister Annette and her family were down from Sacramento.  Unfortunately poor Annette was struck with the flu on Christmas Day and wasn't able to partake in the festivities.  We had brunch, way too many appetizers, and lots of goodies.  It was actually a very relaxing day.

I tried to get a decent picture of our family in front of our own Christmas tree.   Unfortunately no one else was around, so I tried using the timer.  This was the best I got.

And that concludes Christmas 2010!

Christmas Eve

I took a lot of pictures over this past week.  I won't bore you with tons and tons of them, but here are my favorites from Christmas Eve. 

We spent the day prepping appetizers and hanging out with Matt's sister's family (they were in town visiting).  They offered to help with some yardwork, and we did not turn them down.  We spent a few hours out back enjoying the gorgeous weather while we trimmed bushes, pruned roses and got a little bit of our jungle under control.  We told them they are welcome to come over and do yardwork ANYTIME!  :)

My mom and my brother came over around 4:00 We immediately dug into appetizers and let the kids open some of their gifts. It was so much fun. Alayna quickly caught on to the whole present thing after watching her big brother. Of course Ethan loved all of Alayna's gifts and played with them more than she did.

 Ethan's favorite gift was the digital camera that my brother got him. He is so cute with it. He keeps telling us to "smile nic…

Cookie Decorating

I have TONS of pictures from this past week of Christmas festivities, and the fun hasn't even stopped for us. We're heading over to the Flores casa in a bit to celebrate boxing day, which has become a tradition for us. 

Faithy was kind enough to host a time of cookie decorating at her house for our Mom2Mom group.  We had fun sprinkling, frosting, making messes... and most importantly tasting!

Ethan, as always mostly cared about sprinkles.  He continuously sprinkled sprinkles on his cookies, and when no more would stick, he simply licked them up!

Christmas Favorites

Baked good: Spritz cookies (my Grandma Walters recipe)
Song: "Oh Holy Night".... it gives me chills every time

Beverage: none really, I hate egg nog, it makes me gag.... Just give me some good wine at a Christmas party

Tradition: Making a birthday cake for Jesus.  After all, it IS his birthday :)

Lights: white inside and colored outside

Opening Gifts: We let our kids open a gift every day during the week before Christmas.  I love stretching out the gifts in this way.  They enjoy the item they open so much more, instead of being overwhelmed all at once by tons of gifts.  They then spend the next day playing with it, and looking forward to the gift they get to open when Matt gets home from work. I know some people might find this odd, but it's fun for us :)  My parents did it with us growing up and I loved it.

Shopping: I really don’t enjoy being out in stores when they are super crowded.  I love shopping; I just prefer to do it while the stores are more empty.  Thus, I’d rathe…