Alayna is 15 months

Dear Alayna,
My sweet little girl, today you are 15 months old.  I feel like you barely just turned one... how did three months just fly by?  You are so much fun lately.  I was a little nervous because this age was quiet difficult with your brother, however this does not seem to be the case with you.  It is a treat for me to enjoy this stage with you.

You are super spunky and fun.  You laugh and enjoy life all day long.  Walking is something you don't do often.  Your preferred mode of transportation is to run.  You run everywhere. You pretty much have one speed: fast. It makes us laugh.  It especially makes me laugh, because you are so much like me in that way.  People used to joke around with me and call me "turbo" because I too am always moving quickly.  I guess I passed that on to you.  On the plus side, I am able to get things done very quickly.  Perhaps you will find this useful as well :)

When we walk in your room to get you after you wake up you are so happy.  You smile and are very happy to see us.  You say "hi dada" or "hi mama".  It's so fun.  I love how often you make me smile.

You are very social.  You will walk up to anyone and say hi, or try to kiss them, or play with them.  It's super cute.  When I drop you off at nursery, or take you to someone's house, you happily walk in and start playing.  You don't fuss or cry.  This too is a treat for me.  I love it!
You recently learned how to use a fork

You are trying to talk more and more. You say mama, dada, Ethan, doggy, Cookie, bye bye, hi, what's that?, thank you, and probably a few more things that I'm forgetting.

You adore your big brother Ethan.  You recently started saying his name.  You follow him around everywhere and copy what he does.  You two often get into mischief together!  I'm sure it will be like this forever :)  It melts my heart when Ethan "reads" books to you, or plays nicely with you.

Speaking of books, you LOVE them!  All day long you bring us books and beg us to read them to you.  You plop down in our laps and happily point to all of the things that you notice.  You love to look at books with animals and make the sounds of each animal.  It's super cute.  It makes the teacher in me very happy :)

I call you my ragamuffin child because it seems like no matter what I do, you manage to get filthy.  You pull your piggy tails out, you always have dirt on your face and clothes, sometimes one of your shoes is missing.  I try to keep you looking cute, I really do.  You're just my wild child :)

You love to go outside and explore and roam around.  Without fail you go back into the nasty bushes in the corner of our yard and eat dirt and other gross things.  You put everything in your mouth. Twice now I've caught you eating dog poop Alayna.  Ugh.  I feed you good food... I really do!  Speaking of eating, you have taken to standing in your high chair.  No matter how tightly we buckle you in, you manage to squeeze out of it and stand!  You are such a little stinker!

You are fearless.  You will try to do anything.  You climb everything, run everywhere, and are up for anything.  My fast and fearless little girl... another way you are very similar to your mama!

You are very smart.  It amazes us how quickly you catch onto things and figure out how to do things.  I think part of this is that you watch your big brother do something and then mimic him.  This can be both good and bad :)

I adore you sweet Alayna.  I just love having a daughter.  I pray that as you grow older we can have a special bond and always be close.  I pray daily that no matter what you do in life, you love the Lord wholeheartedly. 

Your Mama


Crystal said…
She is too precious. Love that first pic of her.
Noreen said…
She is so adorable! I can't believe she ate dog poop!
'tana nana said…
Alanya is certainly a treasure...and you are one to her as well. God knows exactly what he's doing giving you two to each other!!!!
Shelly McGuire said…
I love her pig tails Salch!! She is so cute :) Having girls is so much fun!!

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