Boxing Day

We continued our tradition of spending Boxing Day with the Flores family.  This was our third year at their house.  We pretty much did what we've done the past two years... eat, laugh, relax, and play Wii Fit.  Being that Boxing Day was on a Sunday this year (a work day for Danny), we didn't go over until after nap time.  The best part of the whole day was that we got all of our kids down for bed at 7:00!  Which meant we got a few hours of adult time. It was wonderful.  The not so wonderful part was when we went home at 11:00, Alayna didn't like being woke up and decided to stay awake until 1:00.  Oh well, it was still worth it :)

Par for the course, we were being silly taking a few pictures outside...

I actually didn't hardly take any pictures of the kids for once.  

Ethan taking a spin on Christian's new big boy bike
Rub a dub dub... four babies in a tub.  I told Alayna this is the ONLY time she will bathe with four boys.

And lastly, an artistic picture of danny's foot, 
covered in his new wool socks,
with Christmas light bokeh in the background :)


Sarah Sherman said…
love the pictures! you always have so much fun!!!

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