Chocolate Chip Cookies

Matt and I both LOVE chocolate chip cookies.
In fact, I think it's one of my all time favorite desserts.
We both prefer them crunchy over gooey.
Semi sweet chocolate chips,
and a few white chocolate ones mixed in for fun.

I got myself a cute new apron a few weeks back...
I tried to set my camera on the counter and take a picture of it with my timer.
This is what I got, lol.

My kitchen is not the brightest room in my house.  I was shooting with my aperture all the way down to 1.4 and my ISO bumped up to 500 (which is high for me), so that I could get some decent pictures without using the flash (for those of you who care). 

Baking cookies is a win-win situation around here.
It makes for a happy hubby, and the kids LOVE "helping" me.
What kid doesn't?

The best part is licking the beaters.
Ethan makes sure that no cookie dough goes to waste.
I personally don't like cookie dough,
so it's no bother to me to let someone else clean up the beaters.

Since I only have one beater, I let Ethan have it, 
and Alayna got to eat a few chocolate chips... 
which of course she loved.

She shares EVERYTHING she eats with Cookie.  I appreciate her thoughtfulness, but people food gives the dog gas.... ugh.
 My little ragamuffin girl...
with chocolate dripping from her face...
signing "please" to me, for more chocolate chips.
She rips her piggy tails and bows out lately,
so I can't even do her hair cute :(

I guess I should have taken a picture of the finished product.
They were tasty :)


Sarah Sherman said…
i love the fact that you let your kids get messy and dont wipe them off right away. i need to be more like you! i am serious.....let kids be kids...and the best part is you have pictures too....:)
Annette said…
"They were tasty" in they're already gone?

I know that's how it'd be here!!

love ya!
Kelly said…
I don't think we can still be friends if you don't like cookie dough.
krista said…
mmmmm. although i am on the "gooey" side...not the crunchy side. at least you and matt agree :) you made me want to bake but i am too tired today. maybe tomorrow. just what this belly needs...more of an excuse to grow...ha.

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