Christmas Day

The last of our Christmas pictures.
We spent the entire day with Matt's family at his parent's house.
His brother Dan was here from New York, and his sister Annette and her family were down from Sacramento.  Unfortunately poor Annette was struck with the flu on Christmas Day and wasn't able to partake in the festivities.  We had brunch, way too many appetizers, and lots of goodies.  It was actually a very relaxing day.
Cousin Amanda playing with each of the kids

Cousin Olivia and Cousin Ian

Alayna loves to swing at Papa and Grandma's

Alayna is finally big enough to enjoy the rocking horse

Matt took this picture of me

Me and my honey in front of Marlene's tree

Matt's Mama and Dad

Opening gifts at Matt's parent's house

I tried to get a decent picture of our family in front of our own Christmas tree.
  Unfortunately no one else was around, so I tried using the timer. 
This was the best I got.

Our family in front of Marlene's tree

Alayna opening a gift

The three Hekman brothers... Mike, Matt and Dan.

The three Hekman brothers plus brother in law Mark
And that concludes Christmas 2010!


Crystal Keilers said…
Fun. I always love Alayna's piggy tails =).
Jolene Grace said…
Love the pics. You are so beautiful.
Genn said…
Great pictures, looks like lots of fun.
That is a neat picture of you that your husband took. Are you giving him lessons? :)

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