Christmas Eve

I took a lot of pictures over this past week.  I won't bore you with tons and tons of them, but here are my favorites from Christmas Eve. 

We spent the day prepping appetizers and hanging out with Matt's sister's family (they were in town visiting).  They offered to help with some yardwork, and we did not turn them down.  We spent a few hours out back enjoying the gorgeous weather while we trimmed bushes, pruned roses and got a little bit of our jungle under control.  We told them they are welcome to come over and do yardwork ANYTIME!  :)

My mom and my brother came over around 4:00
We immediately dug into appetizers and let the kids open some of their gifts.
It was so much fun.
Alayna quickly caught on to the whole present thing after watching her big brother.
Of course Ethan loved all of Alayna's gifts and played with them more than she did.

"CHEERS"!  We enjoyed some almond champagne

 Ethan's favorite gift was the digital camera that my brother got him.
He is so cute with it.
He keeps telling us to "smile nice" at him.
He told me that when he's a big man he is going to be a photographer like me so that we can take pictures together.
Too cute.
I'll have to see what he's been snapping... you know I'll post some of his pictures :)

Photographer Ethan hard at work

I got a cast iron dutch oven from Matt.
I'm very excited as I've wanted one for a while. 
I'll be making some beef stew in it this week.


Kelly said…
Looks like such a fun day! I was hoping for a nice picture of your appitizer display!
Genn said…
Looks like a nice time. You will love your cast iron pot!! I have two and I use them for everything.
Christy said…
Sounds like you had a nice Christmas. :) Those dutch ovens are so great!
Crystal said…
Can I live in your life for a a day or two ;)?

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